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11 Kinds of Custom Side-hung Door Wardrobes Try to Beautify Your Bedroom

11 Kinds of Custom Side-hung Door Wardrobes Try to Beautify Your Bedroom

11 Kinds of Custom Side-hung Door Wardrobes Try to Beautify Your Bedroom

As seasons change, you really need a custom wardrobe for your bedroom. There are large number of kinds of wardrobes in the market, but the beautiful ones are just the small part of them. And then the practical ones in the beautiful group are less. So today, let Snimay offer a list of popular side-hung door wardrobes for you. You can have a look and choose the most suitable type for your home.

New Chinese Style


New Chinese style appears elegant, beautiful, and comfortable. And the wardrobe with the cherry white and the walnut color combined and the other furniture in the bedroom enhance each other’s beauty.

Classical American Style


Charm is easily found in the classical stuff. This type of wardrobe, designed according to that from the Downton Abbey, has glass doors in the left part to show the classical complex and romance, and the whole wardrobe also shows the living needs of modern people that are practical and beauty functions.

Modern American Style


The pure modern American style wardrobe looks fresh and elegant. The L-shaped wardrobe designed reaching to the ceiling has fully made use of the corner to enlarge the bedroom storage space.

Modern Simple Style


The most simple style means no decoration. This design of the bedroom wardrobe is innovative and unique that it makes use of the both sides of the bed to make the wardrobe to reach the beauty of symmetry.

Simple European Style


This kind of bedroom wardrobe makes full use of the space, with the design of a corner combined cabinet according to the house type features. It with simple lines can show the taste of the owner.

Nordic Style


Nordic style furniture is characterized as simple but practical. The deep color of the bedroom wall and the white door of the wardrobe form a contrast, which can form a comfortable and natural sleeping environment.

In a Multi-function Room


Tatami, desk cabinet, and wardrobe invest more possibilities to the study room. This is a place not only for study, but also as a temporary secondary bedroom.

Combined Side-hung Door Wardrobe


The combination of TV cabinet and wardrobe at the foot of the bed forms a storage area. With the side-hung doors and the design of reaching to the ceiling, combined wardrobe has simple and fashionable shape and functions of storage and leisure.

Side-hung Door Wardrobe in the Child’s Bedroom

Complicated wardrobe should be avoided in a child’s bedroom, and the practical function matters. The area at the foot of the bed is designed into the function zone of a integration of wardrobe and desk in order to meet the needs of study and storage of the child.

Side-hung Door Wardrobe in Small-sized House Bedroom

Connect the bedside tables and the wardrobe to form a L-shaped storage area. The dark and light colors as well as the bright and elegant environment will refresh your mind.

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