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Matters Needing Attention for the Space Configuration of Children's Room

Matters Needing Attention for the Space Configuration of Children's Room

Matters Needing Attention for the Space Configuration of Children's Room

The space configuration of the children's room is mainly divided into four categories: Learning function area, sleeping function area, game function area and storage function area. The focus of preschool children is the sleeping area and game areas, and the focus of school-age children is the sleeping area and learning areas. Through flexible furniture assembly, the purchase of children's furniture around the focus of children's life will be more conducive to the healthy growth of children.


(1) Sleeping area

The bed is very important for children's rest and sleep. The bed is the main furniture that constitutes the sleeping area. If possible, you can also provide children with a small cabinet equipped with wheels that can be moved by themselves. It can be placed at the bedside. Books, objects, desk lamps, etc. can also be placed here. It is necessary to create a quite and comfortable environment in children's sleeping area.

(2) Learning area

A very important activity for children in the family is learning. Parents think a great deal of the learning environment of children in the family. Children's learning area should be equipped with at least a table and a chair. If conditions permit, there should be a light and open-ended shelf nearby to facilitate children's placing of objects and books. The atmosphere of the children's learning area should be designed to be quiet and external interference should be minimized as much as possible.

(3) Game area

Children like spacious game area, so we must give them a certain amount of space for activities. In the growth of children, "freedom" is the cradle of a child's imagination. So floor space is very important for children. Of course, they will also carry out some countertop activities, which requires a reasonable design structure of table furniture. But for children, even the storage box with the lid closed can meet the needs of children's play. The children's game area in the room can be arranged at will, but it should be as regular as possible to leave enough space for children to play.

(4) Storage area

There are many items that children need to store, such as clothes, shoes, books, toys, various personal collections and so on. The characteristics of each category are very different, and the corresponding storage furniture should be diverse and different. For example, to store clothing, shoes and hats, a closed storage cabinet is more appropriate. For commonly used books and toys, open-ended shelves and racks are most suitable. For a wide variety of personal collections, it is best to have storage boxes of different sizes in a reasonable arrangement. It can also be seen that the storage area should not be concentrated in a fixed space. The storage of different items should be arranged according to specific needs and actual conditions.

The children's room is a space that helps cultivate children's healthy growth, develop independent living ability, and inspire their wisdom, which is of great significance. To arrange the space pattern scientifically and rationally, design the room color ingeniously, and purchase appropriate furniture can help children form good living habits.

The above is the relevant introduction about the decoration ideas of [children's room], I hope to bring some help to everyone in the decoration design, and make your new house more comfortable.

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