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Bedroom Inner Design

Bedroom Inner Design

Bedroom Inner Design

How to Create a Comfortable Bedroom?

As one third of our life is sleeping, it is equivalent to 248,200 hours spent in the bedroom. A bad bedroom experience will cause a rapid decline in sleep quality, which means a comfortable bedroom is of vital importance to us. In fact, a comfortable bedroom is closely related to furniture placement, lighting layout, sound insulation and noise reduction, etc. Now let Snimay teach everyone how to create a comfortable bedroom, which is easy to sleep.

1. Bedroom inner design: bedroom layout

(1) Choice of function

Before we start, we have to make it clear that the main function of the bedroom is the storage and rest. If it is not really needed, try not to add furniture of various functions, such as TV and desk.


(2) Furniture layout

The bed is always playing a vital role in the bedroom inner design, and the position of the bed should pay attention to two points. One is that the head of the bed should not be close to the window to avoid cold wind; the other is that the air outlet of the air conditioner should not face your head or feet. It is more appropriate for the side of the bed to face the air conditioner.


When space permits, the double-bed should not be placed against the wall as much as possible, otherwise it will inevitably cause interference if one person gets out of the bed. Try to reserve 66-76cm on both sides of the bed and the foot of the bed to facilitate walking and making the bed.

2. Bedroom inner design: Bedroom light

Too much light in the bedroom will cause the brain to continue to excite and cause insomnia after the lights are turned off. Therefore, the bedroom does not need to install the main light. It is recommended to use soft light such as standing lights, wall lights, and structural lights to create a comfortable atmosphere.


For a more comfortable and user-friendly experience, the bedroom inner design usually sets up dual-control switches at the door of the bedroom and at the head of the bed, and install an induction night light to avoid getting out of bed without light.

To sum up, as for bedroom inner design, the function of the bedroom needs to be selected to simplify the sleeping environment to the greatest extent, the space layout of the bed should be reasonable, and the bedroom lighting should be soft and it can have different combinations.

Snimay is committed to creating a comfortable bedroom for customers, taking every element into consideration.We do hope that we can satisfy your needs and create a comfortable and beautiful space and provide you with high-quality sleep.


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