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The Advantages and Disadvantages of Corner Wardrobe

The Advantages and Disadvantages of Corner Wardrobe

The Advantages and Disadvantages of Corner Wardrobe

There are various kinds of wardrobes, including the corner wardrobe. Whether the corner wardrobe is good or not? Let's take a look at the advantages and disadvantages then.

Whether the corner wardrobe is good or not?

Pros are as follows:

1.The corner wardrobe has a delicate corner design, which shows a more human-oriented concept. And it is more appropriate to space, which can increase the utilization rate of the space and make full use of the original "dead corners".

2.The corner wardrobe has a generous storage space, which can store more clothes and household items to make the home tidier.

3.The corner wardrobe is easy to customize. Many brands are very professional in customizing corner wardrobes, which allows clients to rest assured.

4. The corner wardrobe can connect two customized wardrobes in harmony, making the whole home more coordinated.

Cons are as follows:

1. When two sets of wardrobes are placed together, two adjacent doors will collide when opened (one door has a handle and the other door does not), which is unfavorable to the protection of the paint surface of the door handle and the door panel.

2. A set of corner wardrobes has only one door handle, which makes it inconvenient to open another door.

3. In the corner wardrobe is hangers and partitions for clothes. However, due to the limited door opening of the corner wardrobe, it is very inconvenient to take the inside stacked clothes.

Whether the corner wardrobe is good or not?

The above content introduces the advantages and disadvantages of corner wardrobes. Now let's take a look at the design types of corner wardrobes.

1. Hanging wardrobe

Hanging wardrobes are usually installed in the hallway or corner where we can hang inside coats, scarves, etc. so that we can easily reach them when we go out. This kind of corner wardrobe design is the simplest. Clients only need to install a rotating round hanger on the top layer, with a shoe rack at the bottom for clean shoes if there is extra space.

2. Stacking wardrobe

The stacking wardrobe, mainly designed to match the adjacent large closet is mainly composed of a plate structure, which allows more space to stack clothes, pants, towels, etc.

3. Stacking-hanging wardrobe

Stacking-hanging wardrobe design is the most common and frequently used because of its comprehensive type. It can be used for stacking clothes as well as for hanging up wrinkled clothes, just like ordinary wardrobes.

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