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How Big a Bedroom Can You Design a Cloakroom? And How to Decorate the Cloakroom?

How Big a Bedroom Can You Design a Cloakroom? And How to Decorate the Cloakroom?

How Big a Bedroom Can You Design a Cloakroom? And How to Decorate the Cloakroom?

When designing a bedroom before the decoration, the client needs to determine the decoration design plan according to the specific size of the room. A room big enough can be designed as a cloakroom that every woman wants. Then how big a bedroom can accommodate a cloakroom? The bedroom design has certain requirements, so what are the decoration techniques for the cloakroom? Let us take a look at this related knowledge. This will help everyone have a good understanding of the cloakroom design.


How big a bedroom can you design a cloakroom?

The cloakroom where you can put floor-to-ceiling mirrors and other decorations is generally a separate room, about 10 square meters in size. For general room types with more than three rooms, you can consider choosing one as a cloakroom. An open cloakroom is not recommended, as the clothes tend to accumulate dust.

How to decorate the cloakroom?

Ⅰ. Good design

If the client has enough space, the layout will not be so limited, and family member's clothes can be stored separately. However, for a small room, a lot of thought is needed in the design. It can be designed according to the hanging area, stacking area, underwear area, bedding area, etc., and prepare several storage baskets to temporarily store some household clothes. The door of a small cloakroom is recommended to be designed as a sliding type, which is more convenient.


Ⅱ. Reasonable segmentation

For such a small cloakroom, the partitions should be more reasonable. It is recommended to classify the clothes according to the length of the clothes, set up storage spaces of different lengths, and put commonly used items on the top, and finally design the slab according to the above requirements, and it is best to design it into a movable slab, which is convenient for the owner to adjust the height during actual use.

Ⅲ. Reasonable lighting design

Many people think that a small area does not need light. In fact, such a small cloakroom needs more light. Because it is a closed structure, and it will appear dim without lights. It is recommended to use simple LED lights that are close to natural light, which not only saves energy but also makes the color of the clothes close to the true color.

Ⅳ. Environmental protection

As we all know, the construction of a cloakroom requires a lot of plates, and the closed structure hardly allows harmful gases volatile. Therefore, when choosing materials, we must pay attention to the plates’ environmental protection performance. Don't poison family members' bodies just because you purchased environmental-unfriendly plates only to save costs.

The above content is about how big a bedroom can design a cloakroom. If the bedroom is a separate room, the cloakroom can also be designed separately about ten square meters. Then what are the decoration techniques of the cloakroom? Reasonable design of lighting, selection of environmentally friendly materials, and reasonable design schemes, etc., should weigh a lot.

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