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How to Design the Whole Home?

How to Design the Whole Home?

How to Design the Whole Home?

A home environment must be equipped with all kinds of furniture. The customized design and interior design of the whole house are designed on the basis of human-centered service, and it needs to satisfy human aesthetics from the perspective of use or viewing. How to design and  custom furniture for the whole house? Next, Snimay will share with you how to design the whole home with customized furniture.


1. Wardrobe + dressing table

The wardrobe and dressing table are connected together, which not only ensures the overall sense of bedroom decoration, but also saves a lot of space for free movement. In particular, the hostess will prefer this combination of design methods, which enables dressing and making up together, thereby saving time, effort and space.

2. Entrance + shoe cabinet

The entrance occupies a part of the area of the house. The entrance and the shoe cabinet are combined together, which is not only beautiful, but also can save space and increase storage. After all, some houses are not suitable for partitions. If you want to save space, the combination of entrance and shoe cabinet is the most practical whole home design.


3. Wardrobe + TV wall

Designing a wardrobe in the TV wall of the living room requires a concealed design. For example, a uniform color should be selected for the TV cabinet and the wardrobe, so that it will not appear obtrusive. If you are designing a wardrobe + TV cabinet in the bedroom, you only need to match the overall style of the whole room design.

4. Study room + tatami

Tatami is very practical, it can not only satisfy reading, rest, but also can be used for storage, and many functions can be discovered. Especially the small apartment is most suitable. The study room and tatami are combined to present a study space integrating office and leisure.

Snimay will provide you with one-to-one service for customizing the whole home design with various kinds of furniture, wholeheartedly creating a one-stop home experience for you. We do hope that you can enjoy the full service from start to finish, and find the style that truly belongs to you.

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