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To Decorate a Quiet Bedroom, You Must Start with Doors and Windows!

To Decorate a Quiet Bedroom, You Must Start with Doors and Windows!

To Decorate a Quiet Bedroom, You Must Start with Doors and Windows!

Even though the fast-paced modern society presents a scene of prosperity, some people can't sleep. bedroom inner design is playing a really important role in people's sleep. According to the sleep survey report, more than half of the global adults have sleep problems, and a series of sleep problems such as "sleeping late", "not falling into sleep", "not sleeping enough", "not sleeping well" are plagued by contemporary people. Poor sleep will absorb life energy, causing a series of effects such as memory loss, skin deterioration, and even premature aging. Therefore, to keep healthy and improve the quality of life, we still have to sleep well. While the prerequisite for good sleep is to have a comfortable bedroom that can cut off all noise.


If you want a quiet bedroom interior design, you must start with the doors and windows when decorating!

Starting point 1: Soundproof wooden doors

The bedroom entrance door is usually wooden, mainly to isolate the sound from inside the home, such as the sound of the TV in the living room, the sound of cooking in the kitchen, the sound of flushing in the bathroom, etc.

Starting point 2: Aluminum alloy doors and windows

Our common bedroom layouts include bedrooms with balconies and bedrooms without balconies. Aluminum sliding doors are usually installed for balconies, while aluminum alloy windows are generally installed for bedrooms without balconies, which play an important role in isolating the noise caused by outdoor traffic.

Sliding doors have basic functions such as partitions, dustproof, rainproof, sound insulation, and daylighting, but when applied to the bedroom balcony, poor sound insulation performance will greatly reduce people's sleep quality.

At present, the most popular design methods for bedroom windows are floor-to-ceiling windows and bay windows, both of which are more pleasing. But whether it is floor-to-ceiling windows or bay windows, ideal sound insulation effects are required.


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