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Wardrobe Cabinet Units: No Longer Simple Boxes

Wardrobe Cabinet Units: No Longer Simple Boxes

Wardrobe Cabinet Units: No Longer Simple Boxes

If you think a wardrobe is an independent piece of furniture for storage, your mind about house decoration may be out of fashion! As the custom era came, the furniture field has changed a lot. Wardrobes can be designed in accordance with customers’ needs, so they are no longer the simple boxes! How are the wardrobe cabinet units from Snimay and their functions? Let us have a look at the creative designs!

1. With a Desk Embedded in

In the limited bedroom, a wardrobe, a desk, and a Lawrence bed are set. The desk is embedded in the wardrobe, which is suitable in size and position, making full use of the recess of the wardrobe, and leading to a multi-function zone for both work and relax. The whole color tone is light, simple, and full of modern style.

2. Replace the Bedside Table

With large areas of blue and white to add a romantic atmosphere, this room is full of Mediterranean style. The Eiffel style wardrobe with 45°-angle cross process is elegant and full of European style. The wardrobe cabinet unit in the picture replaces the bedside tables, which displays a symmetric beauty and the good taste. And the closed doors design is convenient for getting and storing clothes.

3. With a Dresser Embedded in

The wardrobe with a dresser embedded in the minimalism style bedroom makes it possible for customer to get dressed and wear makeup in one place. And the closed door design for storage can keep the bedroom clean and tidy, and shows the good taste. The cabinet unit sets yellow color in the supporters to brighten the whole design and adds some air of beauty. The fact shows this design is popular in beauties!

4. Integrates with the TV cabinet

As the picture shows, the bedroom with warm color tone, has a simple and practical design and a high use ratio. The wardrobe and the TV cabinet connect into a whole one, which is coherent and beautiful. The whole wall design of an integration of a wardrobe, a TV cabinet and storage cabinets, forms a storage zone and recreational zone, displaying a good taste.


Have these Snimay’s designs surprised you or changed your understanding about the traditional wardrobes? Just calm down, because there are more marvelous designs you can find in Snimay.

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