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Heritage style kitchens are very popular

Heritage style kitchens are very popular

Heritage style kitchens are very popular

Country Kitchen Styles

Have you been researching your new kitchen but don't really know what style it is that you love?

It's hard to know what style to research when there are so many titles and features to be behold in a kitchen of your dreams.

Most of our clients that visit our showroom tend to go to the same kitchen, which is a country style with modern features.  Our display kitchen has profile doors, 2pac paint, stone bench tops, under bench oven and feature glass ornate doors.  I believe it's the old world charm that has most people engaged in this style of kitchen.  The subway tiles are still very popular as are the lighter colours, however, bold colours are fun and we are seeing a lot of dark blues and bottle greens on the cabinetry doors and drawers.  Lighting features largely now with downlights and/or LED lighting underneath overhead cabinetry.


Country Kitchen Style Titles

The popularity of the country style kitchen has not dulled in the last few years and the name for this style of kitchen changes with each client, for example, it could be a 'Country Kitchen', 'Farmers Kitchen', 'Provincial or French Provincial kitchen', 'Modern Country Kitchen' and even 'Hampton Style Kitchen'.  All of which are probably correct as there are elements of all of these kitchens in this style now. Heritage Style is another correct title, it really is up the your likes and dislikes to create your version of this style of kitchen.


Elements or features that make this style differ are things like the handles, the splashback tiles and the way they are laid, the door profiles, the butlers sink, lighting and the stone bench tops.  I believe a main character of any kitchen is the colour choices, this is where it is great to look at many different options;

Each element becomes a statement when blended together to become YOUR dream kitchen.  There really are no 'right' or 'wrongs' when creating 'your' kitchen as it is embedded into your home and family, therefore reflecting all personalities within your home.


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