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How to Make Good Use of Balcony Space: Notes for Balcony Space Design

How to Make Good Use of Balcony Space: Notes for Balcony Space Design

How to Make Good Use of Balcony Space: Notes for Balcony Space Design

Good use of balcony space can play a very big role, and the design of balcony space depends on the size of the balcony. When designing, it can be made into a paradise of flowers and plants according to the location of the balcony. Now, SNIMAY will introduce how to make good use of the balcony space and notes for balcony space design.


How to make good use of balcony space?

Ⅰ. Balcony Garden

Put on the balcony the flower stands full of green plants so that client walks into the balcony as if they have stepped into a "natural world". Besides, after the balcony is arranged as a garden, it can purify the air and have a decorative effect. This design creates a relaxation area for the client.


Ⅱ. Balcony tatami "study room"

Due to the limited storage space of the small apartment, it is also very smart for friends who like to read to transform the balcony into a "small study room". Clients can design tatami mats and combined bookcases on the balcony, which can be used not only as a study room but also as a rest area for guests at home. It can be said to kill two birds with one stone.

Ⅲ. Terrace restaurant

Clients can design the balcony as a restaurant so that they can dine in the sun during the day and have a candlelight dinner at night, and when they look up, they can enjoy the endless starry sky. Does it feel very romantic and emotional?


Ⅳ. Laundry table

Clients can design a laundry table on the balcony. The laundry table can be used to store the washing machine which is also very convenient for daily laundry and drying. Of course, it is also feasible to design more wall cabinets in the wall space for storage.

Notes for balcony space design.

Ⅰ.Quality is everything

No matter what you do with the balcony, the decoration quality of the balcony is very important. Because the balcony is suspended on three sides, it will be affected by wind and rain. Therefore, when designing the balcony, the packaging problem should be considered. If the installation is not good, it is easy to cause accidents. The window sash will also leak and wet the things on the balcony. Therefore, the quality of the balcony encapsulation project is very important and will be related to future use.

Ⅱ. Pay attention to insulation in the design

In balcony design, attention should be paid to heat insulation and preservation because the renovation of the balcony will affect the balcony doors, windows, and the whole room, so the heat insulation of the balcony needs to be considered.

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