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5 Excellent Shoe Cabinets for Your Home

5 Excellent Shoe Cabinets for Your Home

5 Excellent Shoe Cabinets for Your Home

“ more room for new shoes...”

“I can’t find one pair of my shoes!”

“this shoe cabinet looks bad...”

Maybe you have such troubles, too. There must be a large number of shoes in a house, because each has at least three pairs in a normal family. A good shoe cabinet is important in a house, especially for a big family. Snimay has some solutions for you.


At fist, the most important function of a shoe cabinet is storage. For easy change of shoes, the shoe cabinet is generally set in the entrance hall way.

1. The recess of the entrance hall way

The space of some entrance hall way is irregular with big or small recesses, so it’s hard to find a suitable shoe cabinet. As this picture shows, it would be a good choice to get a shoe cabinet customized according to the space.


A shoe cabinet embedded in the recess can eliminate the embarrassment brought by the irregular house type.


These recess shoe cabinets wouldn’t occupy any other unnecessary space. Therefore, family has recess space can try this kind of shoe cabinets.

2. With the vacant bottom design

A shoe cabinet with a vacant design would facilitate our changing shoes.


3. With a deck on

We need to change shoes when entering and going out, so that it’s uncomfortable to stand to get the work done. A deck set on the shoe cabinet would facilitate our changing shoes.


We don’t have to change our shoes while faltering, if a deck is set on the cabinet.

Decks made of lower cabinet are useful because they integrate the two functions of storage and serving as seats.


4. Combined with the hooks


In fact, after we enter the house, we need not only to change our shoes, but also take off the coats and set aside the bag. It’s a considerate design to combine the hooks with the shoe cabinet for storing the coats and bags.


Have you ever just thrown your bag or coats on your sofa, which may form an untidy scene?

5. With the dressing mirror equipped


Everyone wants to go out with a fresh and elegant appearance. A dressing mirror equipped on the shoe cabinet provides another chance for you to check your whole condition.

Adding a mirror is a small transformation but it’s helpful for our daily life.

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