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Skills for Purchasing Solid Wood Slab Tea Table

Skills for Purchasing Solid Wood Slab Tea Table

Skills for Purchasing Solid Wood Slab Tea Table

The tea table at home is indispensable which greatly affects classic wooden house design. Of course, every family will choose different sizes according to the size of the home. When it comes to solid wood tea tables, because of its natural practicality, they are deeply loved by consumers, and they have become the new favorites of many people when they have tea. There are many sizes, so clients must choose the right size. Now let me introduce the general size and specifications of solid wood tea tables for you. The following content introduces the purchasing skills of wooden slab tea tables.

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What is the general size of the solid wood tea table?

The size specifications of the solid wood tea table include 150(length)*80(width)*72(height)cm, 180(length)*90(width)*77(height)cm, 1460(length)*810(width)*490(height)cm. We can choose according to the spare space of the home.

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Skills for purchasing solid wood slab tea table

Ⅰ. Appearance

Nowadays, the shapes of solid wood tea tables on the market usually include square, round, and other irregular shapes. Clients can choose a suitable tea table shape according to their own preferences and the location of the environment.

Ⅱ. Function

The client chooses the solid wood tea table to increase the storage capacity of the space, so the tea table with drawers is a good choice. If clients usually like to put other items on the tea table, they also need to consider its space capacity.

Ⅲ. Sofa size

Clients also need to consider the size of the sofa when purchasing a solid wood tea table. If the size of the sofa is small, then the tea table should be about the same size as it, otherwise it looks disharmonious. Besides, the height of the tea-table should be slightly higher than the sofa cushion, but not higher than the height of the sofa armrest.

Ⅳ. Living room style match

When we purchase a solid wood tea table, it is best to choose a color that matches the style of the living room. At the same time, the shape should be coordinated with the sofa and surrounding furniture to make the whole space look more beautiful and comfortable.

Ⅴ. Others

If the color of the wooden furniture is calm and dark, then the color match is more suitable for the classical style of a large space which will make the classic wooden house design more upscale. When choosing the size of the coffee table and tea table, customers must first consider the size of the space. For a small space, they should choose a tea table with a smaller oval shape, because the shape is softer, which makes space look more relaxed and not cramped. For large spaces, clients can choose a larger coffee table that can match the main sofa. Regarding the safety of the tea table, since the tea table is usually placed in the area where people move around, clients must pay special attention to the corner treatment, especially if there are children in the house.

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