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7 Types of Beautiful and Future-proof Decoration Styles

7 Types of Beautiful and Future-proof Decoration Styles

7 Types of Beautiful and Future-proof Decoration Styles

Nowadays there are increasing decoration styles appear with the same name and total different visual effect, which really confuses people. Today let’s make a list of the 7 beautiful and future-proof decoration styles and figure out the most suitable one that adapts to your home!

1. Modern Simple Style

The real simple style is not only about the simplification of design elements, worship for environmental protection, and returning to life, but also about releasing the stress, which is the most important feature of simple style.

modern simple style

1) Points of Design

It is characterized as being economical, practical, and simple. It uses regular geometric shapes, high-purity colors, and simple straight lines to create a modern sense, and uses much glass, wood, and iron to create an empty and comfortable vision, and thus releasing pressure.

2)  For the Crowd:

Office worker family who are busy at work and not willing to spend much time on arranging the house and enjoy a simple life

2.Modern Fashion Style

modern fashion style

Modern fashion style includes pragmatic functionalism and fashion art to highlight a modern and artistic household atmosphere.

1) Points of Design

With the mood of white and grey color, it uses strong colors to add tension and makes full use of the straight lines, curves and asymmetric lines, which creates a magnificent and powerful or gentle and elegant vision to silently show the owner’s personality through the whole wall in the house, windows lattice, and even little decorations.

2) For the Crowd:

People who are the 1980s or 1990s and art-lovers or working in fields of design, fashion

3.Austere European Style

Austere European Style

The combination of European style and simple style removes the complicated lines of the European style, giving a simple and crisp overall feeling while retaining the European mood and exquisiteness, which is highlighted through partial European simple lines.

1) Points of Design

The magnificence and elegance of a simplified European style focus more on pragmatism and diversity. It uses antique colors or white, patterns, and lines that amplify the western, thick picture frames, carpets, and lights together to form a magnificent and simple exquisite space.

2) For the Crowd:

Families who are top white collars and returnees that enjoy an exquisite life

4.Pastoral Style

pastrol style

It shows respect for nature and displays a fresh space formed by elements of green plants, fabrics, and wood and stones.

1) Points of Design

The Japanese pastoral style uses simple and natural materials such as logs, stones, rattan and bamboo, and fresh and elegant cloth textures; while the English pastoral style prefers elegant lattice elements and flowers and plants to create a light and pleasant visual space.

2) For the Crowd:

Female intellectuals and lovers of art and literary

5.Mediterranean Style

It can form an ocean blue romantic space through a classic match of blue and white and a unique aesthetics taste.

1) Points of Design

The collision of the sea-blue (green) color with local characteristics and white, together with elements such as colored bricks, arches, retro wrought iron and half-grooved walls, brings a visual impact.

2) For the Crowd:

The petty bourgeoisie and white-collar families, and young families that love the ancient Greek civilization and pursue romance.

6.New Chinese Style


The new Chinese style is a simplification of the dignified and noble classical Chinese style. It alleviates the heavy complexity of the traditional Chinese style, meanwhile, it not only retains the traditional Chinese aesthetic charm but also expresses the needs and preferences of modern people, which is a manifestation of the changes in Chinese home culture over time.

1) Points of Design

From the overall layout to the furniture, most of them follow the symmetrical design concept. The decoration details adorn the delicate carvings of flowers, birds, fish and insects. Traditional elements such as wood and jade, together with modern elements such as glass and sofa, are used to create a quiet and elegant living atmosphere.

2) For the Crowd:

Families that have strict people, people who love Chinese culture, or old people

7.Mix-and-match Style


It means that at least two kinds of decoration styles should be adapted to one house.

1) Points of Design

Several styles are divided into light and heavy proportions, and the coordination of different styles in the same space is handled in the design to achieve the effect of 1+1>2.

2) For the Crowd:

Families that have different preferences and ideas

To choose a suitable style

Choosing a style that suits your family's situation is not only a visual preference but also the most direct expression of the owner's personality and taste. At the same time, a highly coordinated style with the host family can better create a healthy and harmonious living environment and promote the harmony of the family.

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