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What Kind Of Cabinet Suits Your House?

What Kind Of Cabinet Suits Your House?

What Kind Of Cabinet Suits Your House?

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The cabinet is the backbone of the kitchen, and the style of the cabinet basically determines the kitchen atmosphere. Depending on the type of house, the cabinets are generally large I-shaped, L-shaped, or U-shaped.



I-shaped cabinets: mainly for storage, mostly whole rows of floor cabinets + wall cabinets.


Simple design is especially suitable for kitchen space with narrow aisles.


Families who like simple style also prefer this I-shaped cabinet. If the space is large enough, a bar counter island will be designed.

At the same time, it can meet the needs of washing, storage, and simple meals, and it can also increase the fun of life.


You can put a minimalist dining table outside the island, and add a row of wall cabinets to increase storage space, which is very convenient for storage and access.


Or design an open kitchen, where the dining room and kitchen are in the same room.

However, in such a pattern, it is necessary to avoid stir-frying dishes with a lot of smoke, otherwise the range hood with strong suction will not be able to handle it.

L-shaped cabinet: a common shape in a family, its storage space is slightly larger than a straight shape, and the functional areas are more clearly divided.



The storage area, washing area, storage area, cooking area are scientifically classified to make your kitchen movement clear. There is also L-shaped kitchen with L- shaped island, which is preferred by owners whose kitchen has special layout.


The cabinet column design perfectly solves the special-shaped space.

U-shaped cabinet: The large storage space makes the storage super perfect. It easily includes all the kitchen supplies. It is the home choice for pragmatic families.



The height of the wall cabinet does not have to be a ceiling design. It can be customized according to the ceiling height and ergonomics to avoid height discomfort and improper use.


Free type: Of course, if the home is a big house and the design space is enough, then the cabinet design is no longer restricted to fixed shapes, you can do it according to your own preferences.


For example, the simple and atmospheric modern design is fashionable and avant-garde. There are cabinets, bar counters, and island counters. It’s great to have a gathering of friends!

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