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Perhaps the most important component of a bedroom after the bed, a wardrobe provides much needed storage space for your varied needs. Wooden wardrobe designs also contribute towards the aesthetics of the room, by complementing the bed and other furniture. With different types and sizes of compartments, wardrobes can help you organise, store, and access different types of belongings. Our SNIMAY designs come with or without mirror, multiple number of doors and drawers, light to dark finishes, different types of materials, and more. Browse SNIMAY wooden wardrobe designs and choose the one that suits your requirements the best.

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About Wooden Wardrobe

Which type of wood is best for wardrobe?

If your wardrobes are used roughly and exposed to moisture, plywood is the best option. However, since wardrobes are not normally exposed to moisture or water, MDF would be a good choice for a wardrobe shutter while the body can be of plywood or particle board.

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