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Which Kind of kitchen Interior Design is Suitable for Your Home?

Which Kind of kitchen Interior Design is Suitable for Your Home?

Which Kind of kitchen Interior Design is Suitable for Your Home?

The kitchen is a place where we cook three meals a day. How to design beautiful and practical is what all cooks care about most. Today, Snimay will talk about the layout of the kitchen, the setting of the operating table and how to create an exclusive kitchen that allows you to cook comfortably.

1. kitchen layout

Common kitchen layouts are roughly divided into four types according to their shapes.

kitchen layout

(1) I-shaped kitchen interior design

The l shaped kitchen interior design is the only choice for many long and narrow kitchens with small size. Simply put, the refrigerator, sink, stove, operation area and storage area are all arranged on the same horizontal line to ensure that there is enough space for people to move, which is difficult to make further use of space.

i-shaped kitchen interior design

(2) L-shaped kitchen interior design

L-shaped kitchen interior design is to make two adjacent walls into cabinets, which is a common layout. The use of L-shaped kitchen space is relatively reasonable, but the use of corner areas is limited.

L-shaped kitchen interior design

(3) U-shaped kitchen interior design

The U-shaped layout of the cabinets forms a three-sided enclosing form, ensuring enough storage space, and requires greater kitchen area and shape.

u-shaped kitchen interior design

(4) Island kitchen

Island kitchen refers to a kitchen layout with double operating tables and a passageway in the middle. It has higher requirements for the area and shape of the kitchen, which are often used in open kitchens.

2.Setting of the operating table

As for planning the kitchen, the most important thing is to allocate the three areas of the operating table: cleaning area, cutting area, cooking area. The arrangement of these three zones should be set according to your personal cooking habits.

setting of the operating table

The cleaning area is the sink area, which is used to clean the ingredients and tableware; the cooking area is the stove area, which is used for cooking; the cutting area is the area for selecting vegetables, cutting vegetables, and preparing materials. It needs to have space to put the cutting board and various ingredients.

Many people will reduce the length of the cutting area because they want to put down a large cooker or sink, but in fact, the cutting area must be more than 60cm in length for use. On the contrary, the sink and cooker can choose a smaller size when the area is insufficient.

The height of the operating table is also a problem for many people. Generally, the height of the it is 65-85cm, which is suitable for most people, but for people who are taller or shorter, it is best to set it according to their height, otherwise they will cook in the future It will be very hard. The height basically allows you to cut and wash vegetables without bending over too much, and the burden on the waist, shoulders and neck will be relatively reduced. If the height of the family members is very different, the height of the console is based on the height of the person who cooks the most frequently.

As you can see, kitchen interior design has so many types, such as l shaped kitchen interior design, U shaped kitchen interior design. Which kind of kitchen interior design is suitable for your home?You can consider it with our Snimay’s design, and if you have any questions, welcome to contact us!

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