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How to Choose and Bay Kitchen Cabinet? Tips for Choosing Kitchen Cabnet

How to Choose and Bay Kitchen Cabinet? Tips for Choosing Kitchen Cabnet

How to Choose and Bay Kitchen Cabinet? Tips for Choosing Kitchen Cabnet

During the period of decoration, in the face of all kinds of colorful cabinets in the shop, how to choose? Shopping around, we will compare the style and price mostly, but it is difficult to measure kitchen cabinet quality levels and lifetime. So, do you know how to choose the kitchen cabinets? What tips do you need to master? Today, let Snimay give you five steps to choose the kitchen cabinets.

The first step: understand the relevant knowledge of cabinets comprehensively.

Taking advantage of the leisure time of decoration, you can have a comprehensive understanding of the relevant knowledge about cabinets, such as visiting the surrounding building materials market, famous cabinet stores which have different styles like kitchen cabinets from china, European kitchen cabinets for sale etc. Through the introduction of shopping guide and real touch, you can gain a lot of information and intuitive feelings. You can also learn about the popular style, fashion modeling, advantages and disadvantages of the cabinet from websites and magazines, and capture practical knowledge in many information points.


The second step: do good preparation.

The preparation work before choosing and purchasing basically has the following: the first is to measure the of  size of the kitchen. In addition to the dimensions of the kitchen design drawings, we also need to carry out some actual measurement to mark the specific positions of doors and windows, water pipes, gas pipes, etc., so as to select the cabinet shape. The second is to sort out the cabinet budget. Generally speaking, the budget of the cabinet includes the cost of the cabinet, the countertop, the electric appliances, and the hardware accessories. A reasonable budget can avoid blind purchase.

The third step: have a clear style of the kitchen.

When the design style of the kitchen is chosen, the style of the cabinet will be basically determined. Although there are many styles of the cabinet, but it is basically matched with the decoration style, which can be discussed with the designer. As one of the Chinese cabinet manufacturers, Snimay can provide you some suggestions about kitchen styles. Welcome to consult!


The fourth step: check the design drawing and complete quotation sheet.

After determining the cabinet style and color, the designer will provide a full set of design, and issue a detailed construction quotation. The owner mainly checks the above information in detail, such as whether the size and model of the cabinet are appropriate, whether the electrical accessories are complete, etc. If you have any questions, please contact the designer in time to modify and improve.

The fifth step: construction acceptance.

After the cabinet company cooperates with the decoration company and construction personnel to complete the installation of the cabinet, the owner shall check the kitchen cabinet quality levels, and pay the relevant fees after confirming that there is no objection.

The above knowledge about how to choose cabinets and the tips to be mastered in the purchase of cabinets is mainly aimed at the self-designed cabinets. Of course, if the owners want to choose and purchase the integral cabinets, they don’t have to do so . After confirming the style and price, they can directly let the designers design and install them.

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