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6 Styles of Kitchen Cabinet for you to Enjoy the Kitchen Life

6 Styles of Kitchen Cabinet for you to Enjoy the Kitchen Life

6 Styles of Kitchen Cabinet for you to Enjoy the Kitchen Life

Here are 6 styles of kitchen cabinet from Snimay for you to get some inspiration.

1. Pastoralism-Summer Green

Pastoralism seems to be a faraway dream for us busy in cities. However, we can bring a kitchen cabinet with design of pastoral green summer home to add vitality of nature in our kitchen. With some plants, elements of rattan and fabrics, and patterns of flowers and birds, you can forget the urban noise and enjoy the tranquility when making good food in such a kitchen.


This kind of kitchen cabinet is particularly suitable for pastoralism house decoration, since it can help realize the lifestyle of harmony between human and nature, thus helping citizens find the essence of life.

2. Science and technology style-Star Show

A starry sky with secret color is attractive enough. Snimay’s kitchen cabinet with science and technology design can realize our imagination of the unknown world through the diverse light show and the automatic design. Such an intelligent and interesting kitchen, can not only attract women, but also has a special charm for men.


3. pragmatism-Spring Berlin
When we mention Germany, we shall think of “preciseness”. Here the kitchen cabinet succeeds the precise and earnest spirit of Germany, discards the flashy design to reach the solemnity and pragmatism. The firm lines seem to tell the history of Berlin with a gentle voice. The strong air is the secret reason why it attracts people to stop to learn more about its rich intrinsic value.


4. Minimalism-Urban Image

“Simple”can be a kind of attitude or even a type of personality. Maybe you don’t like beating around the bush or anything unnecessary in your life, then this kind of kitchen cabinet is quite suitable for your house with simple style of decoration. It is simple and neat,  without any complicated decorations. It can help clear your mind to serve as a place isolating noises and ensure you a easy mood.


5. Nordic style-Finland Town

One of the reasons of selecting the Nordic style is that it is close to our heart. The Nordic land gave birth to the  snow white, so that it is a fairy land with pure and quiet beauty. And Nordic furniture is famous for its simple and modern design. Nordic kitchen decorations are the combinations of art and pragmatic functions. This kind of kitchen cabinet adopts natural materials, geometric patterns, wooden texture, and casual design to show the charm of slow life.


6. Hedonism-Happiness Melody

The happiness of life is sharing. As for optimistic groups and social butterflies, everywhere is recreational, thus including the kitchen. Lively hue and open design turn the kitchen into a recreational zone. The operation board of the kitchen cabinet can also serve as a bar counter for people to chat with others, which is satisfying and nice.


Which kitchen cabinet of the 6 styles mentioned above do you prefer?

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