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Don’t Worry If the Bedroom Area Is Small. Let Me Show You Some Space-saving Bedroom Decoration Tips

Don’t Worry If the Bedroom Area Is Small. Let Me Show You Some Space-saving Bedroom Decoration Tips

Don’t Worry If the Bedroom Area Is Small. Let Me Show You Some Space-saving Bedroom Decoration Tips

After the foundation construction of the new house is completed, the next step is to think about how to decorate the house. In the process of decoration, the bedroom is especially important. After all, it is our resting place. It is good that the space is large. There is no need to worry about running out of space for things. But what if the space is relatively small and it is not convenient to store items? If the bedroom is really small in space, it can be remedied in decoration, especially in rural houses, you can try to decorate yourself. Below, SNIMAY will teach you some space-saving bedroom decoration tips, and I hope it can help everyone.


Ⅰ. Place the furniture correctly.

The choice and placement of small bedroom furniture are very important to the use of bedroom space. How to arrange small bedroom furniture is more conducive to a larger space and more practical?

1. Guidelines for placing against the wall.

Place furniture against the wall to make full use of the bedroom space and reduce the waste of gap space. And placing it against the wall helps to increase more walking space and reduce the cramped feeling of the bedroom.

Whether it is a bed, a wardrobe, or a dressing table and other furniture, placing them against the wall leaves more space for walking, reducing collisions and cramps.

Ⅱ. The correct color matching.

Color has a great effect on space. The choice of overall color is more important for small space bedrooms. The colors here mainly include the colors of walls, furniture, and curtains. Therefore, the bedroom paint design can be determined according to space and personal preferences.


1. Light colors present a larger space than dark colors.

The principle of color matching in space is the same as that of wearing clothes. Dark colors present a thinner figure, while light colors present a fatter figure. Too deep colors will make the bedroom space more depressed and narrow, light colors have high brightness, and bright colors make the space more spacious.

When choosing the main color for a light-colored bedroom, the easiest way is to leave a large area of white space. The white is simple and big, and it is relatively easier to decorate materials and decorations.

2. The unified color system has a stronger sense of space.

In addition to choosing a lighter color system, the bedroom background wall, furniture, curtains, and other soft decoration colors should be unified to reduce the clutter caused by complex colors. A unified color system helps to extend the space.

At the same time, in addition to the unification of colors, a relatively simple pattern should be chosen for the background wall, furniture, or curtains, which will make the whole space more simple and fresh. On the contrary, complicated patterns give the space a sense of compression.

3. Decorating small objects with bright colors can help shift focus.

Large white space will inevitably make the bedroom space a bit monotonous. At this time, use bright small objects, such as pillows, beds, etc., to shift the overall vision of the bedroom. Focusing on the bright focus will also help the small bedroom "get bigger."

Ⅲ. Smart selection of furniture.

Some small apartment bedrooms are small in size and fully furnished. But why is there a lot of space left and it is practical? Because the choice of furniture is obviously different from that of ordinary bedrooms.

1. Tatami beds are more space-saving and more practical.

Tatami has been widely used in home design in recent years, especially in small-space bedrooms. Tatami has various functions, which can be used as a bed and also has the function of storage, so as to keep the small bedroom tidy.

2. In-wall wardrobe is more suitable.

The most important feature of the wall-mounted wardrobe is that it is embedded in the wall and has strong integrity. It will not cut the space against the wall in half, reducing the sense of depression. Moreover, the storage function of the in-wall wardrobe is stronger, which is very necessary for small bedrooms without additional storage cabinets.

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