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Making Good Use of Colors

Making Good Use of Colors

Making Good Use of Colors

Making good use of colors, materials, and functions, and the light luxury customization helps you become a "life artist”

Light luxury is a life attitude rather than a fashion trend, representing people's yearning and pursuit of high-quality life. In 2019, when the light luxury that has swept the runway for many years spread from the fashion industry to the home industry. SNIMAY, a leading brand of custom home furnishings, interpreted its new idea of light luxury customization with a new product "Life Artist Series": paying tribute to the good life with art and humanities.

SNIMAY's new series "Life Artist" was launched in 2019. The design inspiration for the products comes from literary youth and artists. It aims to interpret the "high-quality" life with space as a carrier and care for people's "Spiritual needs" by the fusion of art and life.

Combining art and life, brief but not simple

In terms of color selection, this series focuses on neutral colors with high-quality textures such as ivory, milk coffee, charcoal gray or apricot white as the main color, and mixes blue and pink with a little gray tone. In addition, it applies dark tones that full of high-quality like gray, charcoal gray, etc. The whole look refined and stylish, more sophisticated than modern simplicity, and freer than a luxury.

At the same time, based on the unique positioning of "life artist", the four themed new products introduced this time are designed by designers who draw inspiration from many artworks. Artistic elements such as Yayoi Kusarea's polka dots and minimalist color blocks of Mark Roscoe are ingeniously integrated into the design of products and spaces so that the new products of the series not only have a poetic hue but also have a unique artistic temperament and individuality.


Raphael Light luxury series.

For example, the light luxury series named after the famous artist Raphael, his work fully reflects the tranquility, harmony, coordination, symmetry, and perfect and tranquil order. This series is inspired by this, emphasizing the sharpness of lines and the beauty of parallelism, blending some bright colors with dark tones, transmuting the beauty of soft and full harmony. In terms of color application, it is mainly based on California shade wood grain color and meridian gray. It is decorated with dark genus and glass elements, and a small amount of fabric and leather materials are used to enhance the vitality of the space. Overall, it is fashion without losing quality. The door type is mainly a flat door, highlighting the simple and neat style.

Multiple material collision, creative and high-quality

Paying attention to the simplicity and gorgeous of the design technique, but not neglecting the quality and design sense, while embodying the pursuit of exquisite and elegant life through the luxury of materials, which is another highlight of the life artist series. In addition to the warm wood, clear glass, cold metal, stylish baking paint, and modern marble are also used in this series. The mix and match of different materials not only achieve functional complementation but also make the overall space creative and life-like. Especially the use of a series of reflective materials, such as glass, velvet, mirror, and other elements maximizes the gorgeous style.


Bonal Light luxury series

Excellent function, the other side makes life more free and easy.

In addition to absorbing artistic inspiration and mixing materials, the Life Artist series also conveys new ideas to make life more free and easy. In addition to the product positioning of small and medium-sized homes, and the price is affordable to the people, the brand also focuses on the functional needs of different groups of people, adding a series of configurations: a mini cloakroom specially developed for small apartment, and baby products storage combination that is created for a new mom, and so on.


Tasa Light luxury series

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