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Swing Wardrobe Designs

Swing Wardrobe Designs

Swing Wardrobe Designs

Since wardrobes are a long-term purchase, it makes sense to weigh every aspect and make a wise decision. Various factors go into purchasing a wardrobe – colour, style, material and also, the type of door. You can make the smart choice according to the space requirements, usage, maintenance and convenience.


What are Swing Wardrobes?

The most common type of door where the shutter is attached to the closet with hinges is called swing doors. These are the conventional choice for wardrobes. Hinged doors can work with wardrobes designed in any shape. This includes L-shaped, triangular and pentagonal corner wardrobes. While choosing hinged doors or sliding doors, the former has been the traditional choice. The interiors of your hinged wardrobe design can be customised to suit specific requirements too.


Why choose swing wardrobe?

1. Improved visibility

It is easier to spot things when you open the doors as you get the entire view of the wardrobe. Unlike sliding doors, hinged doors do not conceal one side of the wardrobe.

2. More Hanging Space

With hinged doors, you can hang your accessories like sling bags, scarves or belts on the back of the doors


3. Color & Finish Options

Since swing doors have been in the market for a long time, these wardrobes come in various styles and colors. Depending on your preferences, you can get any wardrobe door design or color. Opt for mirrored, laminated or routed shutters. If you prefer a more contemporary look, you can choose metal framed shutters with glass panels. You can even customise the type of handle – from sleek stainless steel handles, classic door knobs or even luxe leather finished handles.


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