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How to decorate the TV wall? Here are the tips

How to decorate the TV wall? Here are the tips

How to decorate the TV wall? Here are the tips

The sitting room is the home field that family exchanges receive a guest, the sitting room that a high appearance level has class can let host times have a face son, among them TV wall serves as the visual focus of the sitting room, cannot beautiful!

So, how to design a beautiful TV wall?


The demand of every family, design style, decorate budget, aesthetic big difference, can say 1000 families have 1000 TV wall design.

Storage and Exhibition

Before design the TV wall, we need to confirm our home needs, want storage more, or exhibition more?

If the family store demand is big, outfit ark of a return model TV is the most cost-effective, full wall is designed, even the design of the TV setting wall was saved.


Add glass to cover the door, inside treasure good thing is clear at a glance, all show host high grade. Also has the dustproof effect, the daily cleanness is much simpler.


In addition, to the return model ark, the receiving space of the U model ark is very considerable also, it shows an area to place green plant adorn article, just raise the sitting room appearance level.



If the home space is small, full wall combination TV ark gives the storage content space that you expect to be less than.

There are common ones TV cabinet + entrance cabinet, TV cabinet + sideboard cabinet.


Living room space is limited, do not suit to install a "big" return model and U model, otherwise full wall cabinet body can let space become crowded and heavy dark.


Less storage demand family will choose I shape cabinet.

But pay attention, must need to measure the width of the TV wall in advance, avoid buying too big to put not down, buy small too hollow.

Want to increase the family that stores content space, can design a group of contracted TV ark custom-made, modeling strewed at random have the ground ark that sends, condoles ark + ground ark combination, contracted good-looking.

Different styles, how to design?

The design of the TV wall should keep unified with living room space on the style, otherwise appearance level class big discount!


Light luxury style as the popular home design style nowadays, how it's TV wall be designed?

Can start from the light luxury element, marble makes TV wall, high-end and cozy


And add metal, glass, Led light elements, full marks for fashion sense, double sense of the high end

Additional still can put the artistic adornment of high-end and delicate, tie-in gives a light luxurious feeling.


Modern contracted style, the wall lacquer with the beautiful collocation of I shaped cabinet, need not another adornment, comfortable good-looking.


Or install clapboard directly, choose contracted and easy TV cabinet, same good-looking.


If you want strong storage space, return model cabinet to surround the TV set, the first choice of pragmatism family.


minimalist design style laid wallboard as the background, marble to do TV modeling.

Simple European style usually designs gesso line to do adornment, mostly is 3 cent scale, look very decorous and delicate.

The TV setting wall of American style, the modeling of TV ark among them is particularly apparent, line is very stereoscopic.

If the budget allows, metope space allows, still can increase the clapboard with chic wall lamp restoring ancient ways and modeling, reveal decorous style!

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