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How to Design a Traditional Kitchen with White Kitchen Cabinets

How to Design a Traditional Kitchen with White Kitchen Cabinets

How to Design a Traditional Kitchen with White Kitchen Cabinets

White kitchen cabinets remain massively popular among home remodelers, and rightfully so. When it comes to aesthetics and versatility, white kitchen cabinets almost always take the cake. Nowadays, most people desire a more modern or contemporary style to accommodate their white cabinets, but these cabinets can also be a great foundation for traditional kitchen styles.


While some people may feel like traditional kitchens are too outdated for today’s tastes, their intricate and detailed designs have proven to be able to last the test of time. The great thing about using white kitchen cabinets in traditional kitchens is that they help to somewhat modernize the design by brightening up the space, making it feel more warmer and more inviting than the usual dark, traditional kitchens.


Because traditional kitchens usually require more design elements, there are more opportunities to truly personalize your traditional kitchen. Not all traditional kitchens are the same, and with the right design choices, you can create a kitchen that’s a perfect reflection of your personality. Here are a few white traditional kitchens to use as inspiration for your next kitchen remodel.



Add intricate custom trimwork around doors and windows. Don’t forget crown moldings and baseboards. Consider incorporating a coffered ceiling to help define the space and integrate dimension.

Glass Front Cabinets

Glass front cabinets create a more open feel to the space and allow you to bring personality into the kitchen through collections and interesting pieces.


Colorful Backsplash

The backsplash affords the perfect place to bring color and texture, as well as bold or whimsical elements, into the kitchen. Choose a colorful hue or apply complimentary neutral colored tiles in a fun pattern.


Contrasting and Furniture Style Islands

Mixing white cabinets with a wood toned island brings visual contrast to the space. Furniture style islands also keep with the traditional style and add texture and interest with fluted corner posts and built in shelving.

Stone Countertops

The variations and veining in natural stone are an easy way to make a statement in a traditional white kitchen.

Statement Hoods

Stainless steel hoods add a contrasting metallic element to the space, as well as modern touch. While blending in with the surrounding cabinetry, paneled hoods create another architectural detail for the eye. Hoods with sconces bring a beautiful ambient glow.


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