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How to Design the Bedroom and Balcony as One? What to Note before the Balcony Renovation?

How to Design the Bedroom and Balcony as One? What to Note before the Balcony Renovation?

How to Design the Bedroom and Balcony as One? What to Note before the Balcony Renovation?

Decorating a bedroom involves some very important issues, including design methods, design styles, and visual presentations. If you want to transform the balcony, you need to pay special attention to the method of balcony transformation. Choose the right decoration materials, and then make your own decision. The following is the design method of connecting the bedroom and the balcony. I hope everyone can pay attention to the points before the balcony renovation.


How to design the bedroom and balcony as one

When the bedroom and the balcony are connected, the client can consider incorporating the enclosed balcony into the bedroom, or use extrapolation to design the balcony into a small garden, etc.

1. If the enclosed balcony is incorporated into the bedroom, if it looks too open, you can choose soft and fluffy fabrics and light-absorbing materials to decorate the floor and walls of the bedroom. Use bright curtains and bedspreads to make a sharp contrast with the floor and walls.

2. The balcony in the bedroom can generally be extended by extrapolation to expand its use range. It can be used as a space for writing and reading, storage of articles, fitness exercises, and also for living.

3. The balcony of the bedroom is designed as a small garden, and the beautiful scenery on the balcony is like installing a small garden into the bedroom. A glass door separates the bedroom from the balcony. Opening this door is like entering another world. When you feel bored in the bedroom, go out and water these beautiful flowers while breathing in the fresh air and feeling the warm sunshine.

4. The balcony of the bedroom is designed as a rest area. A comfortable lounge chair and a small table are simply arranged on the balcony. You can imagine lying on it and enjoying the scenery outside the window. Add one or two pots of green plants to make this bedroom more charming.

5. Design a small desk with a simple Italian beige high-grade marble material as the space tone, with special metal paint and Malay paint, highlighting the space texture. The glass windows of the enclosed balcony in the small bedroom are properly used. The use of the characteristics of glass penetration can enlarge the space. At the same time, it can take advantage of the balcony lighting to build a desktop, which is an indispensable element in the modern style small bedroom.

What to note before the balcony renovation

1. Quality. Before the balcony renovation, the quality of the balcony must be determined, because the packaging quality of the balcony will determine everything. For example, comparing the aluminum alloy windows on the balcony with the same doors and windows on the wall, the quality of the aluminum alloy windows on the balcony must be much higher than the latter. Because the balcony is exposed to the wind on several sides, its bearing capacity is much greater than that of ordinary windows. Therefore, the packaging of the balcony should be considered before the balcony renovation.

2. Packaging. If the balcony is not well packaged, it will be disturbed by the wind in winter and the temperature inside the house will be very low. If you encounter a windy day, there will be dust everywhere in the house; therefore, the quality of the balcony packaging must be good, otherwise, other renovations are just empty talk.

3. Daylighting. The bedroom balcony decoration must consider the daylighting of the balcony bedroom because we cannot live in a dim place every day. After the bedroom balcony decoration is completed, it is necessary to add a glass lighting belt or stained window glass at the height of 1.5 meters on the inner wall, which is conducive to lighting.


The above is an introduction to the design method of connecting the bedroom and the balcony. In the process of designing bedrooms and balconies, we still have to consider different styles, design methods, and functional layout arrangements. Although most homeowners don't understand these basic methods very well, they still need to learn more about the precautions before carrying out balcony renovations. In this way, problems can be quickly resolved.

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