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Modern Interior Design in Snimay

Modern Interior Design in Snimay

Modern Interior Design in Snimay

Adhering to the design concept of "less is more, simple and fashionable", Snimay integrates minimalism into the home scene, and its new series of modern interior design, with simple lines and high-level sense, creates the extraordinary beauty.

1. What is modern interior design?

Modern interior design often adopts the modern minimalist style, which is a style which can be accepted by most of people especially modern young people. There are many modern interior design styles, and different styles have different features. For example, the main features of European style are complicated shapes and many decorative lines. American-style modern interior design evolved from European-style. It is about how to break free from the complicated European-style decorative lines. American-style pays more attention to the quality of life rather than the prosperity of space.

2. Modern interior design features

The most prominent modern interior design features are natural colors, straight lines, uncluttered spaces. This simple style is still very cost-effective in terms of cost.The new series of doors and windows of Snimay reflects these modern interior design features.

(1) Natural colors

The colors used in modern interior design are mostly pure natural colors, such as the true colors of minerals and natural wood, beacuse the natural colors will bring us the feeling of comfort, ease, and tranquility in our inner world. We can use pure natural colors such as pure linen, sand, and mineral colors as the color of the material; of course, we also need to pay attention to the matching of colors, for example, adding a little bright color as an embellishment on the basis of pure natural colors such as raw wood color and earth color, which gives people a bright visual experience.

natural colors

(2) Straight lines

The indoor sliding door adopts modern interior design, the smooth lines and fashion appearance are showing the modern aesthetics.

straight lines

(3) Uncluttered space

The door leaf is completely hidden in the notch of the frame, which makes the overall transparency of the glass more obvious, and achieves a unified balance after clever fusion, allowing the indoor sliding door to interact with the surrounding environment, which leaves an uncluttered space.

The modern interior design in Snimay is characterized by high quality, design sense and comfort, starting from the essence of life, perfectly shows the modern aesthetics of simplicity. If you have interests in decorating your home with modern design, you can contact us for more details.

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