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Key Points of Island Kitchen Decoration: More Than Just a Place for Cooking

Key Points of Island Kitchen Decoration: More Than Just a Place for Cooking

Key Points of Island Kitchen Decoration: More Than Just a Place for Cooking

Kitchen decoration design is an important part of home decoration, and island kitchen is one of the common home kitchen layouts, suitable for kitchens with larger space. The island kitchen can use the island cabinet as a worktop or a dining area, but its main function is to provide a place for the whole family to communicate in the kitchen or have small gatherings.


As for kitchen cabinets in island kitchens, Snimay could provide different color island cabinets, which are suitable for different styles of island kitchen.Whether it is gray, wood or other colors, Snimay can satisfy all that your need.


So, what issues should be paid special attention to if you want to create a warm and practical island kitchen? Today Snimay will introduce to you from three aspects.

1. Plan an island kitchen

Before the decoration design, the kitchen should be designed and planned according to the size of the kitchen. The different color island cabinets are the focus of the kitchen, and all functions are developed around it. If the small apartment space is really insufficient, the island kitchen can be made into a bar in the part where the kitchen and the living room are connected.

2. Solve the problem of ventilation in island kitchens

The most important thing for island kitchens is to solve the problem of oil fume, otherwise the fume of the kitchen may affect the living room, dining room and other areas, and affect the home environment. In addition to the design of high-power range hoods and large windows for ventilation, it is recommended to open a window on the kitchen wall to ensure good ventilation to reduce indoor fumes and to introduce light into the room to expand the visual spaciousness, which extends the visual space.

3. Storage for island kitchen sundries

The island cabinet can replace the dining table and the cooking table. In addition, it is also a very good storage space, which should be fully utilized. The space under the island cabinet is for storing kitchen sundries. It is best to use a rotating pull basket in the part connected to the cabinet to maximize the use of space wisely. If the kitchen is not big enough and you want to make it into an island shape, you can design some wall cabinets to add extra storage space, and at the same time make full use of other spaces to hide and store infrequent kitchen utensils. In addition, the whole cabinet is also a way to keep the kitchen clean and compact.


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