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Simple European Kitchen Cabinets
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Colour ranges, materials, finishes, and combinations are intertwined with great versatility, in infinite mixes, as a starting point to furnishing the different environments of contemporary living in their entirety.

SNIMAY unmistakable style translates into a series of guidelines and stylistic choices that inspire architects and designers while leaving them free to express their creativity.

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About Simple European Kitchen Cabinets

What are european style kitchen cabinets?

Modern European style kitchen cabinets can be a reference to the higher level of modular craftsmanship that is utilized by European cabinet makers. Throughout Europe, many residents own their kitchen cabinets despite not owning the house or apartment they occupy. It is customary to purchase a house or rent an apartment, that is lacking in both appliances and cabinetry in the kitchen. For this reason, the European cabinetry market promotes personalization paired with a modular design that can be easily added and subtracted from any space. Kitchen sizes are not standard so European style cabinetry needs to be versatile and adaptable.

What materials of high end european kitchen cabinets ?

Most materials in high end european kitchen cabinets typically feature natural, solid hardwoods.

The hottest new modern european style kitchen cabinets trends.

1. Rich, natural materials.  2. All-in-one cooking islands.   3. Stainless-steel benchtops    4. More variety in integrated handles  

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