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Snimay Kitchen Cabinet: Raphael Series

Snimay Kitchen Cabinet: Raphael Series

Snimay Kitchen Cabinet: Raphael Series

In the first half of 2020, the China's TV drama market showed great interests in the theme of "Post-80s and 90s", "Thirty Only", etc., all use "she" to elaborate on the pressure and happiness of life. It is said that film and television creation is like a mirror for us on the other side. Today, the post-80s generation has passed their thirties, and the post-90s generation has hurriedly stepped into their thirties. Everyone is longing, or being sentimental, which seems that everyone can feel the same way in the film and television drama. Everyone needs to face all kinds of pressures from family, work and life. Maybe we can't help thinking about the role. What attitude will we face life?

As we all know, the home is an important part of life, and the post-80s and post-90s have gradually matured between the family and work, becoming more and more independent in their lives. Snimay cabinets have also been thinking about: for those post-80s and post-90s, who are frequently switching between work and family, their requirements for cabinets are no longer satisfying the basic functions, but more personalized, simple and refined in use. For the post-80s and post-90s who pursue beauty and work efficiency, which cabinet is best for them?What kind of kitchen cabinet quality levels should be achieved?

snimay kitchen cabinet1

The pure gray makes the kitchen cabinet modern and high-grade, and the warm wood tone shows unique texuture. The overall space uses glass elements to break the limitations of the space and make the entire space more transparent, which enhances the kitchen cabinet quality levels.

snimay kitchen cabinet2

The overall color is echoed by pure gray and warm wood tone, with distinct layers, which makes the whole room more artistic, and the layout of cabinets and electrical appliances is simple but interesting.Thus, the kitchen cabinet quality levels are enhanced at once.

snimay kitchen cabinet3

The surface of table is easy to clean and more resistant to dirt without worry.

No matter you are post-80s or post-90s, life will not have a specific age. What you should do is to truly relax from now on, simplifying the complexities. I hope you will overcome all the obstacles and run smoothly all the way.

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