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Classical Wardrobe Design

Classical Wardrobe Design

Classical Wardrobe Design

A variety of fashionable techniques and modern trends in interior design are often confusing. However, fashion trends are not only fleeting, but can quickly get bored. What can be said about the interior classics - an excellent alternative to any of the ultra-modern fleeting designs.

Interiors in a classic style for centuries remain relevant, indicating the excellent taste of their owners. The most important style-forming detail of a classic setting is furniture.


Distinctive features of classic wardrobe :

Impressive dimensions and solid appearance.

In the geometry of forms dominated by strict, well-defined lines.

Rich facade cladding with valuable wood species: red, ebony, wild pear, apple trees, eucalyptus.

Patinated facades.

Making consoles, curtain rods, caps.

Elegant accessories, emphasizing the stylistic solution of the models.

The abundance of gilded decor.

Inlays, mosaic, stained glass inserts.

Forged, copper elements and relief carving.

Geometric and floral patterns.

Spherical and graceful bent legs.

Original decor in the form of figures of people or animals.


Manufacturers of cabinet furniture offer a variety of storage systems for every taste and wallet size.

They are classified according to the following criteria:

Configuration: products can be standard, serial, modular.

The number of doors: with a single, double, triple design.But in the lines can be found and four-door wardrobe.

Material: wooden, glass, mirror design.

Design of modern interiors with a pronounced emphasis on the classical style, designers designate as neoclassicism. One of the ways to transform a usual situation into a neoclassical one is to use classical furniture. Another option - furniture in the neoclassical style. Such models are modern versions of traditional storage systems, preserving the laconic geometry of the forms, restraint and elegance of the true classic style.


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