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How to Decorate the External Balcony?

How to Decorate the External Balcony?

How to Decorate the External Balcony?

Ⅰ. How to decorate the external balcony?


1. For the external balcony with a small area, we can use the highly decorative small wall brick or wool flagstone for ornament, in order to highlight the recreational function of the balcony.

2. For the external balcony with a big area, we can decorate the wall with a small piece of culture stone or narrow brick rich in texture.

3. If the balcony area is not large, and it must integrate leisure and practical functions and it should not only be the place where it is convenient for the owner to exercise and sit at leisure, but also can store sundries, then the folding design of tables and chairs and storage cabinets in the hanging wall are most suitable for a small balcony.

4. The external balcony can also be decorated into a small garden, which can add more green to the space. If you like to grow flowers and plants, you can design a corner of the balcony as a flower and plant exhibition area. The small green bricks on the wall are the best background.

There are many important points to be concerned about when talking about home balcony decoration and the above are several important items of the decoration of the external balcony.

Ⅱ. How to distinguish between the external balcony and the built-in balcony?

The external balcony is a balcony that protrudes from the outer wall and is formed by a slab; On the contrary, the built-in balcony is a balcony that is inside the outer wall. Or in terms of structure, it refers to the balcony with load-bearing walls or columns outside the balcony.

Ⅲ. How to deal with the wall of the enclosed balcony?

1. If you want to decorate the wall of the enclosed balcony, you can use waterproof paint for the exterior wall. There are many colors of this material to choose from in the market and the price of this kind of material is reasonable. But there is also a disadvantage that it is open to the outside and it is more troublesome to clean it up.

2. For cleaning problems, you can choose bricks. This wall is not only very beautiful, but also has waterproof and sunscreen effect in use. More importantly, it is easy to clean, but the price will be slightly more expensive.

3. Relatively speaking, if the balcony is enclosed, it will have an effect of isolation. When decorating the wall, you can also choose wall paint or wallpaper, or use various tiles for decoration. If you have enough budget, you can choose diatom ooze.

4. Diatom ooze is also selected for the balcony wall on the side of the living room. If the living room also adopts diatom ooze, the overall effect is very good. The choice of wallpaper is also very good, making the house more spacious. Ceramic tiles are also a good choice, because tiles have many patterns, which can be selected according to the needs of decoration to achieve better results.

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