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Good Sleep Is Good Mood, The Bedroom Decorates Schemes

Good Sleep Is Good Mood, The Bedroom Decorates Schemes

Good Sleep Is Good Mood, The Bedroom Decorates Schemes

A day's plan depends on the morning, after have a good sleep, no fatigue in the morning, a day's work will be double efficiency! Bedroom design affects your Morpheus quality, does not want to let black rim of the eye stick on you, learn the bedroom design skill from Snimay designer!

Develop the design with the bed as the center.

Snimay whole house custom designers usually take the bed as the center, the space of the decoration style, layout, color, and decorative design.

Bedroom design should notice comfortable with practical annex, the largest range uses redundant space to place a lot of clothing and bedding, considers the life habit of the host at the same time, set corresponding activity area.


The bed of the bedroom, cabinet, chair suits woodiness material to pledge, white maple, dawn, Bordeaux, red sandalwood wait for plank color simple and easy, natural and comfortable, more appropriate Morpheus environment.


The collocation of the bed of the bedroom tastes, curtain, the mural is unified mass-tone attune as far as possible, the design is primary and secondary distinct. Metope chooses light blue, shallow green, white, and so on, for comfortable color, have the calming effect to sleep.

Bedroom color is unfavorable: large area uses a dark color, black, orange, red. Don't have more than three colors in one space.

Reduce the use of bright light, lamp-chimney to protect eyes.

The brightness of the light is affecting the active degree of the nerve center of our brain, the bedroom reduces the use of strong light as far as possible. Replaced the lamp bulb in summer and winter, winter warm light, summer cold light. Additional, bedroom chimney can filter the strong light that illuminant gives directly, make lamplight changes downy and comfortable, protect our eye from harm.



bedroom group: flooring + carpet

The ground decorates material to be floor tile, floor and carpet basically 3 kinds, the bedroom ground avoids choosing floor tile, had better choose the floor that feels more comfortable, heat preservation and voice resistant, place a piece of carpet on the beside. When decorating material on the choice ground, it also should notice its environmental performance.

If you want to quiet, choose good quality windows.

Bedroom window and frame choice: sound insulation effect better glass basically has hollow glass, clip glue glass, and vacuum glass this kind. When choosing, it can be decided according to the residing environment.


Snimay high-end aluminum alloy doors and Windows products inherent sound insulation, water tightness, air tightness, anti-wind pressure, and safety performance, and enhance the doors and Windows of mosquito prevention, Guard against theft and intelligent human application. Imported hardware accessories, high-quality aluminum alloy profile, enhance the overall application experience and service life of the system doors and Windows.

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