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How to Soundproof the Bedroom by Yourself?

How to Soundproof the Bedroom by Yourself?

How to Soundproof the Bedroom by Yourself?

Ⅰ. What are the types of sound insulation materials


1. Sponge

Sponge is more common in recording studios, and its sound absorption performance is very good. Especially after the sound-absorbing groove is treated, its sound-absorbing effect is better.

2. Polyurethane foam

The sound insulation material of polyurethane foam is mainly composed of the styrofoam. This material can show good sound insulation and absorption ability after the curing process, and it can also play a certain anti-corrosion and waterproof effect after the sound insulation wall is decorated and used.

3. Calm sound insulation and sound-absorbing cotton

Calm sound insulation and sound-absorbing cotton is a new type of sound insulation material, which is mainly used in the production of industrial rubber and plastics. It is made by the  foaming forming of nitrogen and adding different specifications of sound insulation particles. It is covered with micro sound-absorbing holes and special-shaped sound-absorbing grooves, which can effectively filter noise of different frequency and wavelength. The material itself is very environmentally friendly and lightweight.

4. Sound insulation damping felt

Sound insulation damping felt has been widely used as the material of sound insulation wall in recent years, which is mainly composed of organic minerals with the introduced foreign advanced technology in production. The sound insulation felt has a very good effect on wide-band sound insulation and high damping. It can control noise and gradually attenuate the noise in the transmission path, especially the low-frequency noise.

5. Sound insulation blanket

The sound insulation blanket is very professional in terms of sound insulation. It has excellent performance in the broadband sound insulation and high damping. It can effectively isolate all kinds of airborne sound. Generally, gypsum board and sound-absorbing cotton are used in combination.

Ⅱ. How to make the bedroom soundproof by yourself

1. The bedroom can be soundproofed by installing soundproof curtains, pasting soundproof wallpaper, laying thick carpets, etc. The soundproof wallpaper can reduce the transmission rate of sound and has a good decorative effect.

2. There are other measures including installing soundproof windows, spreading soundproof blankets, installing soundproof ceilings, and spreading cork floors. You can choose the appropriate sound insulation measures according to your own needs, but when applying these sound insulation methods, you should ask professionals to carry out the construction treatment, so as to avoid incorrect installation that affects the sound insulation effect of the product.

3. You can put more wood furniture in your home. The wood contains many fiber holes, which can absorb noise. Wooden furniture such as bookcases or wardrobes can be placed next to the window to block some external noise.

4. The sound insulation performance of solid wood doors will be better than other materials, and its airtightness is also very important. If the airtightness is good, the noise will be smaller, and the heavier the weight of wood, the better the sound insulation effect of the door with the thick door plank.

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