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Great Balcony Decoration Strategies Makes Your Balcony Attractive

Great Balcony Decoration Strategies Makes Your Balcony Attractive

Great Balcony Decoration Strategies Makes Your Balcony Attractive

How to well decorate a balcony is a problem many people want to find a solution. Since the life level improves, people would find that a balcony should not just be set for drying clothes, but also for reading, working, enjoying the scenery, bathing in the sun, drinking afternoon tea, or having fun with your pets.

Today Snimay would like to share some useful strategies for small-sized house balcony to change into garden house, leisure corner, work place, counter meal zone, or an integrated washing zone.

Customize Your Tiny House1

Sunshine garden house

To plant some flowers and green plants in the balcony can create unique scenery for your house.

The main color of the garden house is green, and green is perfectly matched with the earth color, and solid wood color. The floor is advised to use outdoor antiseptic wood to pave. With a whole wall of green plants, this balcony would be a definite mini garden.

Customize Your Tiny House2

Hanging flower stands could be used on the handrails, and it’s good to surround the handrails with plants; to put some little plants like bracketplant on the hanging net is also a good idea for beautifying the balcony.

If you want more, you can set a water decoration, or hide some stuffed toys in the flowers to form a micro landscape. If you are not satisfied with the whole wall of green plants, you can choose to set the shelves and multi-layer flower stands for holding the little plants.

Customize Your Tiny House3

Leisure corner

The balcony is more comfortable and quieter. It’s relaxing and enjoyable to sun, fiddle your phone, or read books in the balcony.

In terms of leisure corner, the furniture set in the balcony should be mainly for lying. Deck chair, hanging chair, and rocking chair are all good choices, you can choose as you like. And then put some little decorations or  green plants on the wall or on the floor you are fond of.

Customize Your Tiny House4

If your balcony has good leakproofness, you can set a book shelf against the wall, and put a set of single sofas, which would make the balcony a little study room. Definitely, reading in the balcony should avoid the strong sunlight, and shade curtain should be installed.

Customize Your Tiny House5

Work place

Some are worried about setting a work place in the house, but there is no suitable place. In fact, the balcony is a good place with suitable size for changing into a work place with green plants around. It’s relaxing to admiring the green plants during the working intervals.

Customize Your Tiny House6

If you tend to write some notes, and use the laptop in the work place, you should remain more sockets in the balcony before the water and electricity transformation during the house decoration. To set a work place is easy, what you need is just a shelf laid against the window, with a comfortable chair. The height between the chair and the table should be matched with your height comfort, and the illumination should be sufficient.

Counter meal zone

In such a beautiful balcony, isn’t it perfect to have breakfast, drink afternoon tea, and take a sip at night?

Customize Your Tiny House7

Don’t forget to put coats on the chairs when the weather turns cold. If the balcony is too small, you can choose the gateleg table. If not used, you can store it to  save space. It’s romantic for couples to set lights fully in this space.

Washing zone

The most basic and practical function of a balcony is for drying the clothes. You should communicate with the section chief who will transform your house about the water and electricity transformation, so that you don’t have to wash and dry clothes in different places.

Customize Your Tiny House8

In conclusion:

1. It’s easy to do balcony design for small spaces, but you should figure out what function of the balcony you like.

2. To use shelves, handrail plant pots, or multi-layer flower stands to solve the problem of lack of space

3. Green plants are necessary for a balcony.

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