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Do You Know the Styles of Chandeliers in the Living Room?

Do You Know the Styles of Chandeliers in the Living Room?

Do You Know the Styles of Chandeliers in the Living Room?

1. Styles of Chandeliers in the Living Room


(1) Crystal chandelier

Crystal chandelier is one of high end living room furniture. It is made of imitation crystal with exquisite style, which can highlight the grandeur and make the decoration more gorgeous.

(2) European Candlestick Chandelier

The unique style and decorative effect of European candlestick chandeliers are suitable for European style decoration.

(3) Chinese Chandelier

Classical, elegant and artistic Chinese chandeliers are suitable for the foyer area.

(4) Glass Chandelier

Glass chandelier is similar to crystal chandelier, but it is not as luxurious as crystal chandelier. However, it is more fashionable and the price is much lower.

2. Methods for Purchasing Chandeliers in the Living Room

(1) Decoration Style

There are various styles of living room decoration. In the choice of lamps and lanterns, you can choose the style matched with the decorative style. For example, you can choose crystal chandeliers for European style and wooden chandeliers for Chinese style.

(2) The Height of Living Room

The chandeliers are generally large, so the size and height of the living room are very important. The living room with large space area can be equipped with European-style chandeliers, which is more gorgeous. For living rooms with small space, you can choose ceiling lamps to avoid depression.

(3) The Light in Living Room

Lamps are an auxiliary supplement to indoor light. You can choose the suitable chandelier according to the light in the living room.


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