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New Design for Balcony Makes Living Room Bigger?

New Design for Balcony Makes Living Room Bigger?

New Design for Balcony Makes Living Room Bigger?

The living room is the main leisure place for the family. Thus, the bigger the living room, the better! Many designers try to take advantage of kinds of ways to make the living room bigger, but in fact, the actual space of the living room will not change. However, Snimay can provide you a new way to enlarge your living room actually, do you want to know it and try?

It is now popular to integrate the balcony into the living room so that the living room area is more than 10 square meters larger, with more activity space, and the living room is much more spacious. At the same time, they are also apartment balcony design ideas for small spaces. Now Snimay will tell you how much happiness is added by the living room balcony.


To integrate the balcony into the living room, customers are most worried about affecting clothes drying. As an apartment furnishing company, Snimay suggests that you customize a laundry cabinet on the balcony, the washing machine is embedded in the cabinet, and the cleaning supplies are also stored in the cabinet. If you are worried that drying clothes will affect the beauty of the living room, you can set up curtains between the living room and the balcony.


Some houses may have a small space of balcony, so balcony design for small spaces can be very difficult. But if you integrate your balcony into the living room, then install a floor-to-ceiling window, put a coffee table and chairs on the balcony, so that when you have free time, you can chat with your family or friends, and relax while looking at the scenery outside the window, or basking in the sun on the balcony, which is also very good for your health. The area of the living room seems to be enlarged a lot, and the balcony can also be used well. Friends who come to the house and see this design will praise for this.


For families who don't have a separate study room at home, a simple desk can be customized on the balcony enclosed in the room to solve this need. The balcony has good light and is very friendly to study and work. If the light is too strong, you might as well pull up a screen to block it.

The small study enclosed in the living room can be in the same style as the living room. The open space and sightline make the small study less depressing. You can study happily in this space and swim in the ocean of knowledge.

This new design for balcony can help your living room become bigger indeed, especially for those houses with a small balcony, do you like it? Of course, everyone has a different view on the decoration of a new house, but as long as we create a more comfortable space based on our actual needs, we can make our family life more comfortable. Snimay is committed to providing different apartment balcony design ideas for reference and various high-quality furniture for you.

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