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Selecting living room furniture that creates a comfortable gathering spot for family, a stylish area for entertaining and a functional hub for your home takes vision and a checklist. From chairs to TV stands, here's how to choose pieces that match your needs and style.

Living Room

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  • Living Room Furniture by Snimay Furniture

    The living room should be the most comfy part of any home, because if a home should be anything, it should be comfy, and where better to look for comfy than Snimay? Not only are our living room furniture options comfy, they’re stylish, and come in any style that you need for your living room. Be it a stylish accent chair that highlights your room, a sleeper futon that can easily be deployed into a bed, or even a nice stand for your TV, Snimay has got your back at a price that is not only fair, but attractive.

  • What Living Room Furniture Matches My Modern Style?

    Furniture comes in a range of shapes, textures and patterns. When you’re working with modern styles, look for pieces that incorporate sleek lines and materials. Sectionals and loveseats that have no extra embellishments like tufting and quilting are perfect for the modern living room since the linear shape and form is more timeless. Other modern living room furniture like cantilevered side tables made from mixed-materials are also a great way to incorporate modern design sensibilities into your space. Accents like metal scultptures and abstract wall art can also be added to create harmony throughout your space.

  • How to Maximize Seating in a Small Living Room?

    A small living room, with the proper seating, can create intimacy and warmth in your home. To maximize the amount of space that you have, consider investing in smaller pieces like a loveseat instead of a sectional sofa. Then you can design around that loveseat with accent chairs. If you need even more seating, use novelty living room tables like coffee table ottomans that easily meld into your living room space but act as extra seating when guests come over.

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About Living Room

What is the difference between a living room and a sitting room?

For starters, the living room is the largest room of the house. A sitting area is often smaller and a lot cozier. In a living room there's often a sitting area, usually formed by a sofa and a couple of armchairs.

How can I decorate my living room in a low budget?

1. Rearrange the furniture

2. Shop your own home for living room ideas on a budget

3. Update your walls with artwork

4. Add greenery with house plants

5. Believe in the power of paint

6. Put up removable wallpaper

7. Or quickly add a mural

8. Create a gallery wall

9. Update your cushions

10. Layer up rugs

The most common living room design mistakes

1. Old-fashioned furniture covers

2. Following only one style

3. Furnitures that has lost its relevance

4. Choose furniture according to design , not your personal preferences

5. Dark furniture with low ceilings

6. The absence or wrong size of a carpet

7. There’s only upper lighting in your living room

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