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From Princess To Queen, You Need A Closet

From Princess To Queen, You Need A Closet

From Princess To Queen, You Need A Closet

A perfect storage closet, how to change a life ?

For example, save an hour for a date.

From head to leg, one-stop solution

The left-hand takes the clothing, the right-hand takes the bag.

Walk into the middle, to make an up

From princess to queen, only need 7 mins

In snimay, a perfect storage box pandora's box is the best proof

Male and female division, more efficient


Pandora's box uses men's and women's divisional design, according to the life demand and daily habit clever combination, the maximal that realizes wardrobe stores content function and orderly change.

Dress and skirt area, shirt and suit area, shoes and hat area, leather bag accessories area... Each functional area maximizes the utilization of space, Easily storage the whole family's clothing, bedding, and bedroom sundries.

Skillful use corner, reasonable facilities.


The corner is a very awkward place, a lot of people think this place is not big, also do not know how to use, simply have been empty. But to the small door model, the place of 1 ㎡ also should not waste, accordingly, the Snimay designer of clever idea helped you solve this difficult problem. The revolving clothes rack of Pandora treasure box and trousers frame will corner space is divided into 3 layers, solved the awkward problem that corner site is difficult to use, take to put clothing to create convenience for host and hostess again.

Intelligent life, details extreme



When you work overtime at night, go home to change clothes, do not need to light up the entire bedroom, turn on LED lights can be lighting, will not wake her into sleep;

When you walk into the makeup mirror, the frame light is automatically lit, because the infrared ray body feeling system is your intimate care; Built-in safe box, hidden beauty with fingerprint password, with the escort of the family property bodyguard, even if out hiking can also feel 100% peace of mind.

Scientific and humanized reasonable design, for your fast-paced life time-saving power, optimized the space, simplified storage.

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