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Congratulation to Snimay moving into new office building!

Congratulation to Snimay moving into new office building!

Congratulation to Snimay moving into new office building!


At the beginning of the Snimay 17th year, we have a significant housewarming ceremony. On April 2nd, Snimay new office building housewarming opening ceremony was held in Panshan headquarter·E.


Snimay Home chairman Mr Xin, together with Mr Huang ,Party secretary of Shiqi Town, and other leaders in Shiqi Town, Panshan group chairman Mr Gao, Guangdong custom home furniture association / Guangdong wardrobe industry association secretary general Mr Zeng, Guangzhou Industrial design association executive chairman Mr Zhang. Wanhua ecological panel chairman Mr Yu etc nearly 200 government and enterprices leaders, industry association leaders, supplier partners, Snimay dealers attended the housewarming ceremony.

New beginning, from factory to industry park.

The 17 years' developing of Snimay, had many times of relocation, each relocation, is the continuous expansion of enterprise scale. Every crisis happens, is an opportunity for Snimay to buck the trend and expand rapidly.


Snimay was founded in 2003, the great crisis of 17 years ago, did not let the new company closed, but gathered the first batch of employees; When the global economic crisis hit in 2008, Snimay expanded from a small workshop of 360 square meters to a medium-sized enterprise with a 22-acre factory area. In 2013, Snimay moved from the old factory area of 22-acre to the 150-acre production base in panyu. In 2016, when the industry is hot talk about "the custom industry is about to enter the red sea time", Snimay built the "future factory" with an area of 14,000 square meters. At a time of global economic uncertainty in 2020, Snimay taking its roots deeper into the center of Guangdong-HongKong-Macao great bay area, a new beginning – new office building, rising from E valley of Panshan headquarter.  

The guangdong-hong kong-macao greater bay area is on a dazzling trajectory to show the world where guangzhou is headed tomorrow. Snimay is also officially settled in the innovation industrial park in the greater bay area, with a new office area of nearly 10,000 square meters. From the factory to the international innovation park, from the independent office, to the industrial park cluster office development. Relying on scientific research, office, production, logistics in one of the intelligent park platform. With the best expectations for the spring, with a more ambitious mission blueprint, Snimay officially started a new journey of development.



17 years, to Snimay is a process of constant cultivation and innovation, and a great mark of cooperation and responsibility.

New office buildings are here, and a new future lies ahead.


When walking into office building, The marble ceramic tile of shallow white, match with the lamp belt, reveal style temperament but not too cold, full of comfortable and capacious.



Showing room area, new AI home exhibition hall, kitchen cabinet exhibition hall, smart lock exhibition hall official opening. New image, new design, new product, presenting all. Snimay's research on aesthetics, exploration of aesthetic space and lean pursuit of design are fully reflected in the new exhibition hall.


When walking into working area, wood tone color office desk. open type tea room, big balcony, green plants, cozy rest area, sunlight room, the whole office fresh and bright, full of vitally. New office is a place for employees to continue to grow, but also a wonderful bridge to connect departments.


The opening of the new office building is a completely different spring day for every struggling Snimays. To Snimay, is once again open a new chapter in history, Snimay will rebuild the industry new landmark, become the custom industry innovation highland.

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