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Four Common Cabinet Layouts

Four Common Cabinet Layouts

Four Common Cabinet Layouts

It's better to cook at home because it's clean and hygienic. If you want to make delicious meals every day, cabinets are essential. The cabinet layouts mainly include I-shaped, L-shaped, U-shaped and island-shaped. A reasonable cabinet layout not only makes the kitchen more suitable for use, but also saves space and makes all kitchen activities more convenient.

Let's take a look at the specific layout of the cabinets.

1. L-shaped


The L-shape should be the most widely used cabinet layout. This layout uses the corner space of the room to make kitchen activities more convenient. The L-shaped cabinet can also separate the sink and the stove, which is more convenient for use, and will not be messy.

2. I-shaped


The i-shaped cabinet arranges the cooking area, washing and cutting areas side by side, which is simple and intuitive. The advantage is that it occupies a small area and is also suitable for a small kitchen. It should be noted that this type of cabinet layout workbench should not be too long, otherwise it will cause inconvenience for people's activities.

3. U-shaped


If your kitchen is large and approximately square, the kitchen cabinet U-shape design will make your kitchen look more atmospheric. Moreover, the U-shaped cabinet layout just makes the refrigerator, sink and drinking utensils become a regular triangle, which saves time and effort.

4. Island-shaped


Island-shaped cabinets are common in European and American families. One of the reasons is the usage habits. The other is that the island-type cabinets occupies a large area and are suitable for large-scale/villa kitchens. The biggest advantage is that the vegetable washing area, the vegetable cutting area and the cooking area are separated, and it will not appear crowded. If you would like to learn more details about kitchen cabinets, you can

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