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The Light Luxury New Chinese Style Appears as a New Trend

The Light Luxury New Chinese Style Appears as a New Trend

The Light Luxury New Chinese Style Appears as a New Trend

Today, let us talk about how to make your house to be in the popular light luxury new Chinese style.

1. Simple new Chinese furniture

Classical Chinese-style furniture is mostly decorated with complex carvings and strong colors, showing a solemn and elegant charm. However, when applied to the space of modern new Chinese-style furniture, it will inevitably give rise to a sense of dullness which looks very old. Thus, house bedroom painting designs play an important role in the overall visual effect and comfort.


Moreover, the selection of new Chinese furniture with a simple style will greatly eliminate the sense of visual depression. Combined with traditional culture with modern aesthetics, refining classical Chinese elements makes them concise and abundant, which gives the implication of "taking its charm and forgetting its shape", thus creating a Chinese style that is more in line with modern people. And in this process, the house bedroom painting designs are indispensable.

2. The choice of materials tends to be more diverse

The quaint home is mainly made of wood, finely carved and elegant in shape, conveying a strong oriental aesthetic sense.

The new Chinese style with light and luxurious temperament boldly adds some modern materials in the material selection, such as metal, glass, leather, marble, so that space not only retains the classical aesthetics but also carries out a stylish modern interpretation, leading to a richer texture of the space.

3. Ingenious decorative colors

In the new Chinese furniture, the light luxury style is mainly dark. On the basis of black, white, and gray, red, yellow, blue, and green are used as partial decorations. The color matching is bolder, bright, full of personality, and elegant. The beauty and charm is all overflowed.


4. Appropriate leaving blank space

There is an old Chinese saying that "The moon waxes only to wane, and water surges only to overflow”. This can also be applied to Chinese space design.

Appropriate white space can effectively relax the space layout. A few strokes and splashing ink freehand make the square inch self-contained. Inadvertently, it can produce the visual effect of virtual and reality, and bring unlimited imagination to the viewer.

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