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4 Tricks for Kitchen Cabinet to Get Booming Business

4 Tricks for Kitchen Cabinet to Get Booming Business

4 Tricks for Kitchen Cabinet to Get Booming Business

Below are 4 tricks for kitchen cabinet to get booming business. Please be aware of the accessories to spend less money.


If one is completely responsible for house decoration by himself, he will "see through the world" and understand the "tricks" of the world. It takes a big amount to decorate the house, and various industries have their own tricks. A careless move can lead to unnecessary expenses. SNIMAY now takes the kitchen cabinet as an example to show everyone the house decoration tricks, hoping to attract your attention and avoid unnecessary expenses.

No. 1: Kitchen cabinet configuration sheet

Our kitchen cabinet generally has a standard configuration list. But under normal circumstances, only some obvious large items are marked on the configuration sheet, such as wall cabinets, floor cabinets, and countertops. Small accessories do not appear, which, however, also cost a lot. Because kitchen cabinet quality levels depend both on the cabinet itself and the accessories. Consumers thought that the configuration sheet should have included all the costs, however, it strangely exceeded the predetermined amount. If the merchant is inquired, he would explain that the money is for some accessories. But he will be secretly pleased if the client has nothing confused.

No.2: what is left blank is where details lie in

Many blanks are left in the configuration list, which is generally what matters and can improve the kitchen cabinet quality levels. Many merchants do not put the door panel edge sealing, increased laminates and others on the list,  just to take advantage of the loopholes here, because these items are also rather expensive. Therefore, as long as the items on the configuration sheet are not clearly written by the merchant, clients must inquire clearly at the time, so as to know exactly where the money is spent.

No. 3: Free items have restrictions

When purchasing a kitchen cabinet, the merchant will notify clients that some small accessories are free. But do remember that there is no free lunch, and the same is true of these accessories. Generally, standard configuration includes free accessories such as aluminum baseboards, hinges, slide rails, handles, and so on. Although they are free, the number is also limited. If increasing the number, clients have to spend extra money, so be sure to ask how much it will cost to increase the number. Besides, the price on the general configuration sheet is only for one meter, and most families need to increase the length. If the client ignores it, merchants will also do tricks here.

No. 4: Additional accessories

When purchasing a kitchen cabinet, many additional accessories will be added, such as pull baskets, rice boxes, trays, and shelves, etc. which need extra money. In order to earn more profits, merchants will add some useless items. So do not purchase the extra items that the cabinet can work normally without them. For example, the cabinet can be used normally without the rice box, which the client can buy on his own in the future. Moreover, It is cost-effective to buy it himself or herself than in a kitchen cabinet.

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