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Let's Decorate Small Balccony!

Let's Decorate Small Balccony!

Let's Decorate Small Balccony!

The balcony is not just a place to hang clothes, it can also be a beautiful place. Put tailor-made cabinet, plus a lounge chair that you like, with a few pleasing flowers in your small balcony, you can immediately have a leisure area at home. You can also own this area, and here's the ideas to decorate small balcony for you!

small balcony1

1.Ideas to decorate small balcony: Put a tatami

This is a balcony full of starry dreams, combined with wall cabinets and floor cabinets. Do you think there is only children's rooms with tatami mats? In fact, they can also exist in balconies. The tatami mats on the floor cabinets are used for storage. With soft cushions, you can sit and read comfortably, and you can also plant some flowers and plants you like. Get up in the morning in this spacious and comfortable space to breathe fresh air, do morning exercises, and relax at night to watch the city beauty. You can also have the starry dreams.

small balcony2

2.Ideas to decorate small balcony: Take advantage of a custom cabinet

The ideas to decorate small balcony are trying to refuse to be "messy and nowhere to put". A custom cabinet can keep the balcony clean and tidy. The washing machine also has a reasonable space, and laundry, cleaning, sundries and other items are sorted. So customize a cabinet in your cabinet can solve those problems like narrow space and nowhere to put your sundries at once.

small balcony3

3. Ideas to decorate small balcony: Expand storage in entrance hall

This design expands the storage in entrance hall for shoes, pr you can design it on your own to store any other things.And the comfortable long stool is enough for you to chat happily with your family, or read books, enjoy coffee and scenery with your lover.

The balcony is the space most easily abandoned by Chinese families. Many people forget to connect the style of the balcony with other spaces in the home when designing. We should make the balcony a part of the home rather than a corner which is ignored. Above are some Snimay’s ideas to decorate small balcony, you can take reference and make your own balcony design.

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