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Snimay's Multipurpose Room Design Ideas

Snimay's Multipurpose Room Design Ideas

Snimay's Multipurpose Room Design Ideas

Sometimes, we want a study room to work quietly, a guest bedroom for family and friends to stay overnight, a cloakroom to dress up as we wish, and a storage room to store all the items that are idle. But, there is only one spare room, what should we do? Snimay has many multipurpose room design ideas, so it is not a problem to change one room to multiple rooms!Now please allow me to introduce some examples of multipurpose room design ideas in Snimay to you.


1. Tatami & Study Room

Quiet study room and comfortable bedroom can be switched at will, this one of the multipurpose room design ideas makes the space move! The tatami combine-unit design makes the most of the space. The created storage space is huge, so you don't have to worry about more household items.

tatami-study room

The tatami with a lift table can also serves as a reception room. You can call some friends to play chess and other games together, isn't it comfortable?

tatami-study room2

2. Cloakroom & Study Room

The bedroom is reserved for cloakroom space, but some people also want a study room where they can work quietly. Combining the study room with the cloakroom is a seemingly unreliable combination, as long as the design is well designed, it will still be nice. As the picture shows, the large closet are able to store clothes and books. The area near the window is designed with a desk cabinet, which achieves one of the multipurpose room design ideas.

cloakroom-study room

3. Cloakroom & foldaway beds

Since the cloakroom can be matched with the study room, the cloakroom can also be matched with the space-saving foldaway beds.

You just need close the foldaway bed and put on a long chair, a standard aisle-style cloakroom appears in front of you. When a guest needs to stay overnight, what should you do is to turn the foldaway bed down and put on the bedding, which can also avoid the embarrassment of someone sleeping in the living room and making a bed on the floor.

There are many multipurpose room design ideas in Snimay, which can effectively achieve the goal of space saving.The combined structure of the multifunctional room can be designed according to the needs of each family. For customization, it has never been a problem to change one room to N room!

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