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How to tastefully incorporate darker tones into your kitchen design

How to tastefully incorporate darker tones into your kitchen design

How to tastefully incorporate darker tones into your kitchen design

If you're considering making a big change for your kitchen, you may have decided upon a darker colour or tone as a part of your kitchen design. Although many homes are now clad in resplendent whites and pale bone shades, the focus on darker colours shouldn't come as a shock. Darker tones can help to create a sense of comfort and intimacy in an otherwise white, bright space.

The following tips are aimed at helping you incorporate darker colours into your kitchen – no matter the reason you're considering a darker set of shades.


Dark Does Not Always Mean Black

There's an array of darker tones awaiting their moment to refresh your kitchen. From smoked out greys and charcoals to forest greens and navy blues, darker tones give your kitchen design a timelessness and class that transcends seasons and trends.

Mix smoky hues with ivory and pale grey; blues and green play well with both white and off-white.

Start Small

Small details are a great way to begin your journey to the darker end of the spectrum. Items such as vases, frames and curtains make a great initial foray into the darkness, and may help to provide you with the inspiration to make the move to a larger piece.

Incorporating darker motifs in your tiling and splashbacks is another way to tie together a darker theme. Look to small details in your choice of colour to give your kitchen splashback or flooring an extra boost.


Find Your Shade

Choosing a dark colour as an accent is a great way to tie in darker hues without overpowering your kitchen or space.

For homes with a focus on light or white kitchens and living areas, it might be a little overwhelming to move entirely to a darker palette in your kitchen. Benchtops or cabinets in shades of grey or charcoal can tie in well with neutral colour palettes, and will marry well with any textural accents you may have.

Other shades (such as blues, greys, deep indigo and burgundy) also work with neutral palettes, and also play well with white. These tones are particularly effective when paired with floral arrangements or other natural adornments.


From The Bottom Up

Another excellent way to implement a darker palette is the begin from the floor. Think of dark granite and slate coloured tiles, or dark floorboards. By using darker colours further from the eyeline, you will be able to channel their comfort while also keeping the walls and eye level adornments lighter, creating the illusion of space.

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