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Perfect Kitchen Design

Perfect Kitchen Design

Perfect Kitchen Design

As the saying goes decoration is good or not , the kitchen is representative. The meaning of the kitchen to the home is , has a kitchen , the living day is vivid

But the kitchen is a very difficult place to clean, because of it;s nature of its use.

For example,the accumulation of oil

So snimay reminds everybody here: plan carefully before decorating a kitchen, can save a lot of unnecessary trouble that uses in the future! So what kind of kitchen is an outstanding kitchen?

Moving line is reasonable, each district is distinct.

The most common layout of kitchens in general can be divided into the form of I-shaped, L-shaped, T-shaped, U-shaped, island-shaped, etc. No matter what kind of layout, you should try to follow the "triangular principle" of kitchen work, that is: The working lines of picking, cleaning and cooking are smooth and not crowded, that is, the moving lines are reasonably distinguished from each other.

I-shaped is more suit the small family kitchen with long and narrow space and independence, set freezer → clean arrange area → cook area layout arrangement;

U-shaped suits a space more big and capacious kitchen door model, can set the triangular layout that provides refrigerator, sink, stove.

L-shaped is more suit the family that has strong storage need, normally moving line can divide into washing area, cutting area. Cooking area, convenient to move, easy to operation.

Cleaning area and cooking area must reserve a preparation area, so as to ensure smooth enjoyment of cooking life.

The kitchen storage is to keep the kitchen neat the most important one respect, the thing that can see must be a little, clever and quick hide just neat.

All kinds of cutting board, pallet and barbecue iron rack, vertical storage is not only to save space, but also conducive to ventilation and drying.

After washing, cut the vegetables in the preparation area, so place the knife rest in the preparation area to facilitate cutting the food.


Place a dish rack next to the cleaning area is really important . Refuse to get wet everywhere!


After starting of cooking, the basket that next to the cooking area is easy access to spices and cooking tools;

Use in the kitchen to receive commonly used scissors, peeler, clingfilm to wait, very good.



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