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Snimay And Three Rabbits Start A New Era Of Shared Decoration

Snimay And Three Rabbits Start A New Era Of Shared Decoration

Snimay And Three Rabbits Start A New Era Of Shared Decoration

Snimay and three rabbits start a new era of shared decoration, and the AI home modular products are released!

On August 15, 2019, as a strategic partner of the three rabbits, Snimay participated in and co-organized the three rabbits' 2019 marketing summit and the awards ceremony of the special district of the 5th China Decoration Craftsmanship Skills Competition. Zhong Runtian, director of the Snimay Design Exhibition Center, Gu Yigui, a director of the Snimay Marketing Key Account Center, and Yang Zejian, deputy director of the Snimay AI Home Operations Center, were among the participants. People from more than 200 industries such as home furnishings, associations, media, and decoration artisans visited the Snimay Industry 4.0 smart manufacturing production line and the whole house custom, cabinets, and sub-brand AI home showrooms of Snimay, witnessing the release of Snimay AI modular home furnishing products!

Entities and platforms join forces to form a strategic partnership

In recent years, Internet home improvement platforms have been surging, but as people's demands for services such as home improvement efficiency, personality, and quality have become stronger and stronger, and the chains involved in decoration are long and complicated, especially the special nature of the decoration industry and the high requirements for professional construction, many platforms can not solve the "last mile" delivery problem, decoration artisans have become the last key link, who can integrate the tens of millions of decoration artisans in China, who will win the future competition heights!

The three rabbits proposed a business model of sharing the decoration platform in the industry-upstream integration of first-line brand factory direct supply materials, downstream integration of five-star artisans to establish designers and artisans sharing platform, through the establishment of the foreman shareholder system, through the factory material direct access to the owner's terminal new mode. Through continuous improvement and upgrading, more than 40,000 foreman and more than 200,000 artisans have been integrated into the platform.

Snimay explores a new development path that organically integrates custom entities and home improvement platforms, and reached a strategic cooperation with the three rabbits to deepen the sharing of the decoration platform. At the same time, providing solid support and guarantee for the new model with strong industrial 4.0 smart manufacturing capabilities and one-stop custom house Products!

Reached A Strategic Cooperation With The Three Rabbits

Huang Weiguo, the executive president of Sinyman Home Furnishing, said at the summit that the three rabbits sharing decoration model is a good solution to the one-stop collection and precise delivery of the industry pain points. Snimay has been focusing on customizing home furnishings for 16 years. Only rabbits provide a full set of customized home furnishing services such as professional design, smart manufacturing, and installation. The strategic cooperation of resource integration between the two parties will produce a strong market effect of 1 + 1 far greater than 2, bringing a new model experience to the industry and opening up a strong market growth point.


AI Home Modular Products Released

AI home modular products released

On the occasion of the summit, Huang Weiguo, the CEO of Sinoman, led more than 200 industry participants to visit the Snimay Industry 4.0 intelligent manufacturing production line and Snimay's whole house customization, cabinets, and AI home showrooms. The intelligent manufacturing center that integrates German excellent production equipment, scientific planning production workshop, intelligent production system, and home furnishing products with complete categories, complete systems, and fashionable has been unanimously recognized by many industry professionals. 

Visit The Snimay Industry 4.0 Intelligent Manufacturing Production Line

Visit The Snimay Industry 4.0 Intelligent Manufacturing Production Line

At the same time, AI home modular products were also released at the Snimay Information Technology Center! At the scene of the "Snimay AI Home Modular Product Release Training Exchange Meeting", Huang Weiguo, CEO of Snimay, said: AI assembly type assembly Home furnishing is based on the trend of home furnishing and assembly, using information technology to simplify the process of drawing, designing, ordering, production, and installation. By simplifying the operating process, improving operating efficiency and saving time costs for decoration artisans.

Huang Weiguo, CEO of Snimay

Mr. Huang emphasized that the trend is always greater than the advantage. The state strongly advocates the advancement of prefabricated houses, and standardized AI prefabricated quick assembly will become an unstoppable development trend in the future.

Dr. Han Jun, the founder of the three rabbits

Dr. Han Jun, the founder of the three rabbits, said that at this stage, the home improvement industry is facing difficulties in delivery, construction period and service. It is expected that the modular combination products launched by AI Home will bring a new fast assembly experience to the industry and improve services force for the three rabbits national craftsmen.

Yang Zejian, deputy director of Snimay's AI home operation center

Yang Zejian, deputy director of Siniman's AI home operation center, made a clear definition and comprehensive and detailed introduction of the AI home brand: AI home is a light-fashioned, fast-custom home brand for the fashion and sophisticated people aged 25-45.

Adopting the business model of “big data platform + information ordering + flexible production”, using big data cloud platform, industry 4.0 intelligent and flexible manufacturing, opening up one-stop solutions for end-customer needs, solution design, and factory manufacturing to form a service closed-loop, through the combination of various modules and free splicing, to achieve personalized solution customization, creating a more stylish, faster and more environmentally friendly whole-house home customization service.

Big Data Platform + Information Ordering + Flexible Production

“AI Home" has researched millions of families in China, selected popular product styles, and launched three major product lines, including three mainstream styles --neoclassical European style, modern light luxury, and modern minimalist, covering custom modules + functions + style, creating a stylish, sophisticated and simple lifestyle, to meet the customization needs of most families.


Big Data Platform + Information Ordering + Flexible Production

Senior designers Zhou Min and He Guanyao of Snimay Design & Exhibition Center gave training instructions on Kujiale Software and Huaguang Software, and explained the application of the “Design and Production Integration” information system to make the design more convenient , the production more efficient, and the cooperation smoother.


The Three Rabbits 2019 Marketing Summit and the Snimay AI Home Modular Product Release Training Exchange Conference successfully ended! We look forward to the strategic cooperation and empowerment of both parties, through the one-stop procurement and accurate delivery of the three rabbits, and the shared decoration model, as well as the integration of AI home Customized assembly and customization, subverting the traditional home improvement and assembly mode, realizing the evolution of high-quality and efficient decoration, making the decoration smarter, simpler and more efficient, improving the decoration delivery service experience, and win the whole future of the decoration!

Snimay AI Home Modular Product Release Training Exchange Conference successfully ended


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