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Best Boy Bedroom Decorating Ideas

Best Boy Bedroom Decorating Ideas

Best Boy Bedroom Decorating Ideas

Home with kids, many mums share the same headache that the kids, especially boys, throw toys everywhere and it is almost impossible to maintain house tidiness.

Actually, proper guidance from parents is essential for developing children’s habits. Children who do not like clean up is not only concerned with their own habits, but also concerned with the home environment and the furniture they use. Children bedroom furniture design should be align with the real situation. Now, come with the editor to see the following customized furniture for children’s room.    

1. Best Boy Bedroom Decorating Ideas

Taking advantage of the floating window as his quiet learning space. Blue colour can sooth his mood and the drawer storage cabinet would help to develop a good habit of organizing and storing.  

Best Boy Bedroom Decorating Ideas

Customized closet can fill in the recessed space and solve the problem of decoration for houses with irregular pillars. The pictures of blue sea and sky, white cloud, and the flying seagulls on the painting door can give children a comfortable and open visual experience.


2. The growth of a young artist

The tatami bed links the closet and the study desk. The grey and white striped wall paper breathes an artsy, modern vibe. Boys who play guitar are usually very popular.

Best Boy Bedroom Decorating Ideas1

To design his own learning space and help him to form good learning habits. Children who can balance study and exercise tend to have healthy lives.    

Best Boy Bedroom Decorating Ideas3

3. You need tatami bed more than anyone when home with a naughty boy

The hidden space underneath the tatami bed can definitely save more space for you, you can simply stuff those things you are not using for a while in there .

Best Boy Bedroom Decorating Ideas4

Referring to the household type, the desk should be placed next to the window to avoid the risk of collision. The reasonable layout of the whole wall bookcase and open cabinet makes it convenient for naughty boys to store their own toys while having fun.

Best Boy Bedroom Decorating Ideas5

4. Cultivate a little gentleman carefully

Tatami bed of muti-layer style cleverly matched the bay window position. The closet, bed and desk are adjacent to each other to save more space.

Best Boy Bedroom Decorating Ideas6

The side cabinet design is very user-friendly. You can tell your child to hang the clothes that need to be washed on the side cabinet first.

Best Boy Bedroom Decorating Ideas7

5. Personalized bedroom layout for cool boys

Boys age over 5 are sometimes prefer a simple, cool, and stylish layout of their bedrooms. This pure water lake blue panel and simple design would suit their taste.

Best Boy Bedroom Decorating Ideas8

To match the overall tone of the room, the wardrobe, with double closed door and low drawer cabinet layout, is also painted with pure lake blue with an apple wood colour open cabinet. Under the guidance from parents, the cool boys can be rather independent.

Best Boy Bedroom Decorating Ideas9

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