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The Trends Of Whole Home Design In 2020: Improve Your Happiness!

The Trends Of Whole Home Design In 2020: Improve Your Happiness!

The Trends Of Whole Home Design In 2020: Improve Your Happiness!

At the beginning of 2020, we have experienced a lot of extraordinary things, so we understand that life and happiness are hard-won, and we have a clearer the pursuit of a better life. In the days when we were living at home, we realized that the decoration of a house should not only pay attention to beauty and quality, but more importantly, comfort, which can become our home and a haven for our souls!

Today, Snimay will share with you some major trends of decorating houses in 2020. Friends who are preparing to decorate can refer to them and plan for your better life!

1. Trend of whole home design 1: Colorful


In recent years, gray tones have been popular, but now people prefer warm and rich colors. Pantone, the world's most authoritative color agency, released the 2020 popular color, that is classic blue, (PANTONE 19-4052), which is a simple expression of elegance, just like the sky at dusk, which can make people feel at ease, comfortable and stable.


In addition to the classic blue, there are cherry pink, mint green,orange, olive green and other colors that are very popular. The shades are matched, and the warm and cold colors create a harmonious and comfortable indoor atmosphere.When it comes to rich colors in decorating houses, Snimay can provide you multi-colored cabinets in kitchen and other colorful furniture for you,which can also be customized.

2. Trend of whole home design 2: Custom

Customized cabinets for whole home design have gradually become a trend, and they are becoming more mature and standardized. Customization of whole home design can be based on the size of the space to maximize the use of space. The internal space of the cabinet can also be based on your own needs, and planned the layout combined with professional designers’ opinions, so that the cabinet is more practical, and the overall combination makes the space tone and style of the whole home design more consistent!


3. Trend of whole home design 3: Intelligent

Now post-90s and even post-00s have become the main force of decorating houses. These young people prefer to pursue high-tech home experience. More and more home appliances with intelligent voice interaction are born, but the intelligence of a single product can not make the the whole home design intelligent. The real intelligent home is not only the intelligentization of home appliances, but also the unified management of the electrical system of the entire home to achieve interconnection, and a variety of smart home appliances and furniture can be activated with one click.


For example, smart devices are used to realize the intelligence of lighting, curtains, air conditioning, and audio. In the future, if you don't want to crawl out of the bed before going to bed in winter, just say "turn off the light" and it will help you realize it immediately. If you add a new smart appliance to your home, it can also be found immediately and suggest you to add it. This design is very intimate and the installation is also very convenient.

4. Trend of whole home design 4: Lifestyle

Is your balcony only used for drying clothes? It is wasteful and unsightly. In fact, the balcony can also be designed into many kinds of spaces, which can be transformed into a balcony garden, a study room or a children’s play area. This is equivalent to using the balcony, which is close to 10 square meters, to make the space more practical!Snimay can provide you various and interesting ideas to decorate small balcony, if you have any interests, you can contact us for more design plans.


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