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The Secret to the Decoration of Small-sized Bedroom. How to Design a 10㎡ Bedroom?

The Secret to the Decoration of Small-sized Bedroom. How to Design a 10㎡ Bedroom?

The Secret to the Decoration of Small-sized Bedroom. How to Design a 10㎡ Bedroom?

The decoration of small size apartment has been complained by many house owners. A little unreasonable error in layout will make the atmosphere in the house depressing. In order to lead a satisfactory live, the design requirements are very high. Therefore, how should the decoration of small bedroom be designed? Are there any decorating tips? Today, SNIMAY will teach everybody a few tips about how to decorate the small-sized bedroom.


1. Make use of bay windows
At present, all the master bedrooms are decorated with bay windows, and the bedrooms in small-sized house are also not exceptional. To small family model, the space of every square metre is very precious. For a master bedroom of 10㎡ or so, there will be a bay window of 1 square meter or so. In the bedroom inner design, a lot of families will regard this bay window as the storage space, which is actually a bit underemployed. The bay window should be used less as the cabinet, and changed into the leisure area or reading corner. And then with some bay window cushions and pillows, it is very comfortable to read, chat and drink coffee here every day.


2. Change the bay window to tatami
To a few house types when it comes to the bedroom inner design, the bay window is generally irreplaceable because it involves the problem of bearing and safety of the house. In regard to this, house owner must check with the property management officer. In order to have a more spacious activity space and storage space, you can try the design of tatami. Tatami design will follow the spatial pattern, and not occupy more space, which combines storage, leisure and entertainment in one. In terms of the ability of storage, tatami is excellent, which can contain the clothes out of season, quilts, etc.


3. Change the corner of master bedroom into the study
What small family lacks most is the functional space, and a lot of small family even cancel the study, but actually it is unnecessary. We can make full use of the corner of the bedroom, where a small desk or small study can be added. Just like what has been shown in the effect picture, it is very practical.

4. The match colors in the decoration of master bedroom is not more than 3 kinds
Visual effects have a direct impact on our living experience. If there are too many colors used in the decoration of master bedroom, it will be flashy, giving people agitated and depressive feelings without any sense of relaxation. How can people have a nice rest in such a master bedroom? Therefore, it is suggested that we choose three colors for bedroom inner design and decoration. For example, gray + white + black, white + light blue + burlywood and so on.

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