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Summary of Balcony Wall Cabinet Problems. What Material is Suitable for Balcony Wall Cabinets?

Summary of Balcony Wall Cabinet Problems. What Material is Suitable for Balcony Wall Cabinets?

Summary of Balcony Wall Cabinet Problems. What Material is Suitable for Balcony Wall Cabinets?

Balcony design for small spaces is getting increasing attention from its fans. As people pay more and more attention to the balcony, its design has become more diverse. In terms of function, the current balcony can be divided into two types, namely living balcony and leisure balcony. Although the design styles and uses of the balcony have become more varied, the storage has always been one of the constant functions. Many clients will install wall cabinets on the balcony to improve the storage capacity of the balcony. So, what material is good for the balcony wall cabinet? Let's take a look now.

Ⅰ. What is the function of the balcony wall cabinet?

Of course, the larger the storage space at home, the better. The biggest advantage of the balcony wall cabinet is to expand the storage space. Although the balcony occupies a small area, the suspended wall cabinet does not occupy floor space. If installed properly, it also has a certain decorative effect, especially the living balcony. Installing a wall cabinet can store all washing appliances in it, and the benefits are self-evident.

Ⅱ. What is the depth of the balcony wall cabinet?

There are certain standards for the depth and height of the balcony wall cabinets. The storage capacity of the cabinets with insufficient depth is limited, and the cabinets that are too deep are not beautiful. Clients who want a wall cabinet with strong storage capacity and stylish and novel styles need to carefully understand the depth size requirements of the balcony wall cabinet. The depth of the balcony wall cabinet is generally about 30cm to 45cm. Although different styles need to be matched with different depths of wall cabinets, sometimes it is also for styling needs. The height of the wall cabinet is about 50cm to 60cm, and the width of the interval between the wall cabinets is not more than 70cm.

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Ⅲ. What material is suitable for balcony wall cabinets?

Unlike other indoor spaces, the balcony is exposed to the outside. An unclosed balcony is an open space while even an enclosed balcony is also a semi-open space. Such a space will inevitably be exposed to wind and sun, so the choice of materials should be special. The material of the wall cabinet is preferably a moisture-proof board, because it may face direct sunlight on the balcony, and occasionally may be damaged by rain, so the moisture-proof board can make the life of the wall cabinet longer. Common materials for balcony wall cabinets include artificial board, coniferous plywood, melamine board, and particleboard of various densities.

The above content is about the material selection of balcony wall cabinets introduced by SNIMAY. We hope it will be helpful to all of you. Many balconies install wall cabinets, especially living balconies. The balcony wall cabinet will improve your quality of life and improve your convenience, especially when it comes to storing items.

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